Saturday, December 25, 2010

On Holiday!

(oh, friends. be warned. here comes a photo bomb!)

This was hands down the best Christmas we've ever had. Last year was amazing because we just brought home our little miracle, but the whole Christmas celebration was such a blur because we had a 3 day old baby at the house. This year was SOO much fun! It's a complete different kind of excitement with a little boy running around playing with his new toys :)

Christmas #1
We met my family at Christmas Eve service at church and then went back to their house for dinner and presents. We always open family presents on Christmas Eve and then we get Stockings and Santa presents Christmas morning.

Christmas #2
We spent Christmas morning at our house with just our little family. Bryson actually slept in late since he went to bed so late, so Michael and I exchanged our stockings before B even woke up :) After he woke up and had his breakfast and bottle, then it was present time!

Michael had asked for a new 3 wood and some other  things for Christmas. I decided to be a trickster and wrap up his old golf club. I'm a professional wrapper, as you can tell. Ha! Or, I'm not, and I used a wrapping paper roll, paper towel roll, toilet paper roll, and a baby wipe box. :)  He was just a bit confused when he opened it. But, I brought out his real present and he was much more excited!! :)

Christmas #3
After the Santa excitement, we went to Michael's parent's house. We opened tons of presents (and Michael got his real 3 wood), put together a puzzle, B and Kaiser played in the giant box than my lamps came in, ate some  amazing tamales for lunch and sat and relaxed walked Bryson around outside by the fire place. Bryson got a ton of adorable clothes and had a blast playing with everyone!!

Christmas #4
Next, we were off to my parent's house. We have a tradition of getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve and then everyone wears them Christmas morning. The girls make snowman pancakes as soon as we wake up, and then we all open presents from Santa. Well, since we didn't get over there until late afternoon this year, we decided to have "Christmas Morning" that night. My mom made a giant breakfast for dinner and we all wore our pajamas and so on. SO, just a warning, there are family pajama pictures ahead. Yes, we are that family. And I love it! :)
My parents got a new SLR camera for Christmas and they were taking pictures, so I ended up with no pictures of opening presents or our giant breakfast :(

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Love all the pictures and what a cool tradition of pj's and pancakes!! I love that you keep your tradition even if on a different day. Traditions are so important. I encouraged my kids to make sure they come up with their own traditions, too.
    Happy new year...looking forward to seeing all that God will do in your life this year.

  2. So fun!! I know our little 6 month old would understand anything next year, but I'm super excited about starting some Christmas traditions with our family of 3 next year!!

  3. Sounds like a great time with lots of fun traditions! I started the pajama tradition this year with Jack. I love it too!