Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Fun Day!

I took a break from painting and decorating Bryson's room today and went to lunch with Alicia. It was so much fun to catch up and hang out with her and lunch was delicious!! (I ate tons of salsa!)

Since I was in Dallas, I had to make a stop at NorthPark Mall. :) There's a store called
Janie and Jack that has the most precious clothes and they just happed to be having an awesome sale...and I love sales!! I just couldn't resist! (If you have kids, or need a present for a little kid, you must make a stop over there!)

I am SO in love with these shoes that I wish I could have them in every size for him!!

And he got some really cute shorts and a swim suit for next summer!

Then, Michael came home from work with this for me!!

He is so good to me!! :)

As for the rest of the night, Michael gets to stay home class or study group! we're going to have a nice homemade dinner and spend a wonderful night together:)


  1. Those shoes are PRECIOUS!! I bet you are having so much fun getting stuff for your little boy!! Can you believe that you are almost half way there??

  2. Thanks! It's so hard not to buy everything I see! I told Michael last night that it's a good thing we're not having a girl because there are a billion more things for girls!
    And no, I can't believe it at all!!! It went by pretty slow for the first 2 months, but now it's flying feels like he's going to be before I know it!