Thursday, July 23, 2009

18 weeks

(I'm late updating again, I know :( Since I didn't post a picture last week, you can pretty much just picture me about the same size!)

I FINALLY "popped" last week!! I officially now look kinda pregnant! It's so exciting:) Some days I feel bigger than others, but I still love it. Also, in the past week I constantly feel the baby move !! It is so fun to feel Fantlet wiggle and squirm all day long. I can feel him while I'm sitting and standing now. A couple weeks ago, I could only feel the movement laying down. I absolutely can't wait for Michael to be able to feel the baby move. He's tried several times, but no luck. Hopefully it will happen soon because I know he wants to be a part of it so badly.

18 Weeks

This picture was taken on our way to The Old North Church Sunday morning. It was really windy (as you can tell) and only 70 degrees outside! It felt amazing in Boston! (Pictures to come, I promise!)

Tomorrow morning is THE big day. It's THE big appointment. We will find out THE gender of our baby. And it will be one of THE best days of my pregnancy!!!!! Michael and I have had a countdown (down to the hour!) for the past couple weeks. I can't wait for the doctor to tell us that every single one of Fantlet's organs and limbs are developing perfectly and our precious baby is healthy.

Boy or Girl? We will know tomorrow!!!!!

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