Thursday, July 23, 2009

Babymoon in Boston!!!

Michael and I have been in Boston for the past week. We called it our Babymoon, our last big trip as a family of 2. The next trip we take, our family will be slightly bigger! :)

We had SO much fun in Boston! It was by far the most physically exhausting trip I've been on. We walked upwards of 7 miles every single day. Michael and I agreed that we took the trip at the perfect time because if I was in my first trimester, there is no way under God's green earth I could have done pretty much anything except sleep in a fancy hotel. If I would have been in my 3rd trimester, I would be too uncomfortable and gigantic to do everything! I'll try to post a shortened version of the trip or else no one would finish reading this post! :)

We left for Boston Thursday morning

And checked into our hotel, The Omni Parker House...We found out that it is the oldest continuously opperating hotel in the U.S. It has housed every single U.S. President since Lincoln. JFK proposed to Jackie in the Parker House Restaurant (one table away from where we sat!!) And Charles Dickenson read A Christmas Carol for the first time ever in the lobby. So much history in that hotel!
Then we hopped on The Duck Boat to take an exciting tour of Boston. It's an old WW2 boat that drives on land and then dives into the water-hence the name!

We walked around for the rest of the day exploring Boston.

The next day, we walked the Freedom Trail. It takes you all around Downtown Boston, everywhere from Paul Revere's House, The Old North Church, King's Chapel & Burial Ground, The site of The Boston Massacre, U.S.S. Constitiution and several other places.
The churches are BEAUTIFUL!!

The Old North Church & The Lantern Paul Revere hung on the steeple

Taking a break from walking up and down the hills in Charlestown

The U.S.S Constitution

On the way back home from the 5 mile hike around the city...this was my best friend!! (I have been craving them ever since!)

*****Friday Night: I was completely exhaused from walking all over the city, but it was 11:30 and we couldn't go to sleep. We ran to 7-11 right across the street and got a midnight snack. We finally went to sleep at 12:30...I was out in about 2 secounds! At 1:40AM, we heard a horrible noise that scared me out of bed. I jumped up to figure out where it was coming from. I banged on the alarm clock for a while and realized that wasn't it. I went over to the thermostat and put my ear to it. Micahel woke up at this point. I started banging on the box and pushing all the buttons to get it to stop. Remember, I was half asleep!! HA! Michael finally mumbled that it was the fire alarm. I completely freaked out and we ran out the door and everone was out in the hall. We were on the 10th floor so we had to make our way down 10 flights of stairs. fun. We finally got to the 1st floor with a jam packed lobby and firemen

We waited across the street until we could go back into the room...

We got the OK and went back inside. Since all 500 rooms were downstairs, it would have taken an hour to get back up to the room. So me and my pregnant self had to walk up all 10 stories to get back to our room. FUN. HA! It did make for a funny story though! It turns out that some "funny" kid decided to pull the alarm. Thank you kid...

We went to Fenway on Saturday and Michael was thrilled about this!
But first, we had to stop at Dunkin Donuts. Apparently Bostonians live on this. There are 94 in the city! GEEZE people!

We ate lunch at the Bleacher Bar on the field. This place is so cool! We ate lunch overlooking the field, right next to the Green Monster.

We went to Revere Beach to hang out afterwards. There happened to be a sandcastle contest going on!

The water was FREEEEEEEZING!!

Just a typical day in Boston! :)

That night we had our fancy shmancy dinner. We went to dinner at the Parker House, in our Hotel. I was a bad pregnant girl for this dinner... I had calamari, seafood ravioli, and a little bit of chocolate on the Boston Cream Pie (which was also invented in the hotel!) I just couldn't pass it up and boy was that a good choice!!! It as absolutely incredible!

We went to The Old North Church for service Sunday morning. It was so interesting. All the pews looked like this

Then we went to Cheers for lunch!

Monday, we went to Harvard. I felt smarter just from walking around campus! Harvard is the most beautiful campus I've ever seen.

Michael is an itty bitty speck in this pic, but he's infront of Harvard's Business School

Before heading back to the airport, we spent a lot of the evening at Boston Harbor watching the ships come in and out.

Then we hopped on the train

And headed home! What a fantastic vacation!!


  1. Did you ride a train there?!

  2. We flew to Boston, but rode the train pretty much all around Boston. It was really fun! SOOO much better than the DART, here. :)