Sunday, October 7, 2012

17 weeks

I've really "popped" this week! So much so, that all my little kindergardeners noticed my belly this week.
One of my little boys stopped in his tracks on the way in the classroom and looked at my belly and asked if "there is a newborn baby in there??" :) It was really cute! After several of my kids started asking, I told them all that there was indeed a baby in fact, there are TWO! They were SO excited :)They've been drawing pictures for the girls all week long!
It's been another busy week, but fortunately, I've felt really good :) I've had plenty of energy to get me through the day, but then crash when I get home. I have to be up at school this weekend AGAIN to move the rest of the 30 carts into our wing from the storage trailer. oh joy.
As far as the weight gaining goes...there is NO problem there! I can't stop eating! I'm not exacly sure how much I've gained yet; I will when I go to the doctor next week.
I've been feeling the girls move and wiggle a lot more this week. It's so fun :) That was by far my favorite part of pregnancy with Bryson and same with the girls. I've tried to get Michael to feel them a few times, but the kicks aren't strong enough yet. Whenever I sit on the sofa or lay down, I naturally rest my hand on my belly. If for some reason I don't have it there, Bryson runs over and picks up my hand and lays it on my tummy and tells me to "not forget to touch his baby sisters" :) He really is excited about the twins right now.
I've been trying to wear maternity pants for the last couple weeks. They're still big and fall down a little (ha!) but as long as I roll down the little stretchy part, they're so much more comfortable than regular pants. I really hate anything pushing on my uterus, it hurts a lot more than I remember with B.
I have been craaaaving sushi lately. During the school year, Michael goes to a Bible Study every Monday night, so usually Bryson and I have our weekly Monday night sushi. Since I've been pregnant, it has sounded totally awful to me until the last couple weeks. I know sushi is supposed to be "off limits" but, just like eating turkey, it's fine when it's realy fresh and in moderation! SO Bryson and I went to a delicious sushi restaurant on Monday and it totally hit the spot!! Yumm!! I love that Bryson loves sushi as much as I do :)

I'm growing so much and so fast that I had to take 2 pictures this week. I took One on Saturday when I turned 17 weeks and one on Thursday and the difference in just a few days is amazing! I think I'm going to start taking at least 2 pictures a week to see the difference :)
17 weeks beginning and end of the week :)


  1. wow! You're right it does look totally different! And you look so much like your mom in that second picture! Both of you are beautiful and I'm sure your baby girls will be too!

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL! I love that the little ladies are moving and grooving and so excited that you are feeling well and gaining back your energy. That is wonderful! I love all the fun twin belly updates. It is just so amazingly crazy how fast time with pass and before you know it they will be joining us:)

  3. I love your belly! So cute that the kiddos are noticing already. :-)

    I keep trying to get Asher to feel my huge belly and the baby kicks, but he is so NOT interested. It's great that B has some concept of what's going on in there!

  4. Such a cute belly! I can't believe you're almost half way already. B is going to be a great big brother!!

  5. Exciting!!!! You look great, and I'm impressed you have any energy at all!