Saturday, October 20, 2012

10 Year Reunion

Michael had his 10 year high school reunion this weekend. That is soo weird!! I keep thinking he's soo old...but then I remember that mine is next year! eek!
We dated while we were in high school, so I knew several of his friends. We are also best friends with Michael's best friend from high school and his wife and see them at least once a month, so it was nice to have someone that I knew really well there :)
We went to the football game Friday night. Stephanie and I called ourselves the GHS wives club :)
Michael and I
Saturday night was the actual dinner. It was at Easter Hills Country Club, which I hadn't been to in 20 years years!! Michael and I were talking about how we're pretty sure the last time we were there was for Cotillion when we were in elementary school (not at the same time as eachother). There was a decent turn out, a little over a hundred people.
Anyway, as part of the runion, they had "awards" for things: least changed, most kids, still drives the same car from high school, etc.
Michael won the "least changed" award!! Which is great and all, but I'm going to be looking like an old hag all hunched over and gross and he's going to  look like a teenager in 10 years! HA!
We also won the award for "most kids". They counted the twins on the way! :)
We were also the runners up for "longest married" (and lost by one year) and runners up for "highschool sweethearts" (again, lost by one year)
We cleaned house! :)
It was fun going to his reunion and I know he had a blast seeing all his old friends. I know it's a different world now that everyone is on Facebook and everyone still "keeps up" with everyone else, but I know he loved being able to see and talk to everyone in person again. :)
My parents watched Bryson Friday night and my sister, Steph, watched him Saturday night and was in rare form for both of them!! On Friday night, he absolutely insisted (read:threw a tantrum!!) that the three of them eat in the formal dining room, which he has never ever done!! AND he insisted on using 2 spoons at the same time to eat his dinner. Strange kid!!

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  1. No talking about being old, cause then you'll make feel old. :) My 10 yr college reunion was last year and high school was 5 years ago. Of course, Brian's 10 yr was 8 years ago, so at least I'm not that old. :)