Monday, October 15, 2012

Sister Sister

Ever since we were little, Jen and I always talked about being pregnant together. Something we always hoped for, but also something we could never actually plan.
I am so blessed to be able to go through this pregnancy with her. It is so much fun to compare symptoms, tell gross pregnancy stories, and oooh and aaah about the little girls in our bellies.
She is due in the middle of July, so technically 7 weeks ahead of me. I'm "due" around March 9th, but my doctor has already said that the latest he will let me go, most likely, is 37 weeks. So there is a huge chance these 3 little cousins will be a month apart. Crazy!!
The other crazy part? I'm dangerously close to passing her up in belly size :) eeeek!!
My mom is kinda obsesed with taking pictures of us together every Sunday. I'm glad she's been insisting on taking them because it's really fun to go back and look at them! and see how fast my belly has grown in just a few short weeks.
Look at these baby girls grow!!
16 weeks, 23 weeks
17 weeks, 24 weeks
19 weeks, 26 weeks
I can't wait to compare more pictures and see our little girls together :)


  1. It's crazy how fast you are growing. It was great chatting with you on Sunday!!

  2. Adorable!!!!! And could there be two more beautiful and adorable pregnant woman? Wow - you guys look great!

  3. Aww!! What great pictures. You both look so beautiful!

  4. How fun to be preggo together!!! Both of y'all look amazing!

  5. I love that last one! You guys are so cute with your bellies. How fun to be able to go through it together!

  6. Ya'll are both so cute! Great to see you Sunday and love the updates!

  7. What an amazingly special experience!! Love the photos - you'll surpass her wimpy 1 baby belly in no time. ha ha!

  8. You girls look adorable!!!! ANd how in the world is it possible that I am pregnant at the same time the Bragg girls are! I'm so old! =)

  9. What beautiful Bragg ladies! Love you both and so excited for all the fun you sisters will have raising little ladies together:)