Friday, September 28, 2012

16 Weeks

I think I'm definitely starting to feel better! I had almost a whole week with no Zofran! :) That is exciting news.
We had a really fun a busy week!
We celebrated Michael's birthday. My mom picked up B from school Friday night to spend time with him after being in Hawaii for a week (lucky!) and also gave Michael and I a chance to have a nice birthday dinner date together :)
We also celebrated Michael's birthday at my parent's house after church on Sunday. We decided to tell both families we were having girls this weekend, so we found a couple little girlie onesies and wrapped them up as Michael's birthday present. He opened them up and everyone was thrilled and excited!! We never told anyone that we found out the sex of the babies, but my dad, being a doctor and my sister, being a nurse, pretty much knew we had to know so they were secretly expecting an announcement. It was still really fun :)  It is going to be SOO fun for our girls to grow up with Jen and Brandon's little girl. They're only going to be a couple months apart and without a doubt the best of friends ;) I'm already thrilled for their relationship!
We also went over to Michael's family's house that evening for a joint birthday dinner for Michael and Melony. We gave her the same little onesies as her birthday gift and surprised them, too :)
Before they even found out, John kept talking about the twins as if they were girls because he wanted them to be girls so badly. And he was right!
(I have really cute bithday pictures, but need to find my camera cord first)
This week at school is super busy; even more than normal. We get to move into ou new Kindergarten wing this weekend, so we've been busy packing everything us, getting stuff off the walls and all that jazz. I'm not really looking forward to being up at school in my classroom all weekend, but I am SO excited about our new huge rooms. They are so nice!!
I highly doubt I will get a 17 week picture on  Saturday...but maybe it will happen at some point during the week ;)
For now, my ever growing 16 week twin belly!!

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