Thursday, October 18, 2012

State Fair

We took a trip to the State Fair of Texas last weekend and had SO much fun!
The weather was amazing, we actually had to bring sweaters and jackets for the first part of the morning because it was so chilly.
Michael really wanted to stop at iHop for breakfast, but I had every intention on splurging on all the delicious fried food at the fair, so Bryson and I shared a little breakfast.
We got to the fair shortly after it opened and walked around quite a bit.
We go to the fair every year, but there was something on the schedule this year that I had never noticed before. The pee-wee stampede. Its a little arena set up for 3-6 year olds to be "real cowboys" with real tasks for them to complete. I was squeeling with excitement just thinking about him doing it.
Fortunately, after we mentioned the idea to Bryson, he was thrilled about it. He almost couldn't even stand to wait in line; he kept trying to run to the front and open the gate before it was time. :)
Unfortunately, he tried to grab my camera so I would "not forget to take a picture of him" so the lens was kinda blury.
As soon as all the kids got their bib, horse and their hat, the kids paraded around the arena
then sat them on hay bales to wait for their turn to "compete"
Bryson was in the 3yr group and their job was to run through the gate and knock over the "bull" as fast as they could. It was SO cute to hear his name called over the loud speaker :)
After everyone got to compete, they paraded around again.
He even got a blue ribbon, which he was very proud of!!
For the next 2 hours every.single.person. he saw walking by, he had to tell them that he was a real cowboy and he ran through the gate and knocked over a cow. He told us over and over he wanted to go back and be a real cowboy again :) It was precous!
Afterwards, we walked around and saw several shows. We bumped into several friends around the fair, too, which was fun. But with all the walking, I had gotten way too worn out and was not hungry in the slighest for fair food. I was SO bummed. I went to the state fair and all I ate were nachos. What kind of crazy person does that!?? Michael and Bryson were normal fair-goers and consumed plenty of fried food :)
After more walking and playing, we told Bryson he could pick a ride to go on. We warned him that it he would have to go all by himself and we could only watch and he was all for it.  He chose to be a race car driver :)
Michael gave him the tickets. Bryson stood in line (for about 2 minutes) all by himself, gave the lady his tickets, ran to find a car, buckled himself in and was ready to race! I can't believe what a big, independent boy we have. I'm so proud of him!
Needless to say, he LOVED his first "real big boy ride"....and the independence that came with it.
Then, we came back home and Bryson and I crashed for several hours. It was so much fun, but this preggo could barely handle the exhausting trip. We had plans to go back again before it closed, but I bailed out. :)
I can't believe next year, we'll be taking THREE kids!! Ahh!


  1. That is SO cute that he got to be a "real cowboy" - how fun! I totally hear you about bailing out of the fair. Drew is taking Asher on Sunday and I already told him there's no way I'm going. A little bit is ok, but this mama is too tired and sore to really appreciate the state fair.

    You'll need a wagon for everyone to ride in next year!

  2. I didn't even know the fair had that little cowboy thing for kiddos. We will definitely have to check that out when P is old enough. There are so many things at the fair I don't think I even know are there!!