Monday, October 22, 2012

18 & 19 weeks

18 weeks: beginning and end
Doctor: We had another perinatal appointment this week. We went early Friday morning so Michael could make it before work. We had another sonogram to check on the girls :)
This one was much different that my last sono. As soon as she started pushing the wand on my belly, I started getting really uncomfortable. I can't stand any pressure on my belly, even my pants have to be completely rolled down and I can't wear tight shirts. Anyway, Michael could tell that the pressure from the wand was making me really uncomfortable. I sucked it up for a bit. Then my whole body started feeling weird. I asked her if we could take a break and she immediately told me to sit up while she went to get me some water. Michael was standing right next to me and kept telling me to keep my eyes open, but I couldn't, and a few seconds later I passed out. Thankfully Michael was there or  would have fallen right off the table! I got a wet wash cloth, some water, and rested on my side for a few minutes and then resumed the sono. The nurse didn't really seem phased by it, she said it happens all the time, especially to girls with smaller bodies carying twins since their bodies aren't used to any pressure on the IVC artery in the back. I'm kinda scared that it will happen every time I have a sono from now on (which is every 2 or 3 weeks. :/)
But everything looked great with the girls! They were both measuring 10 oz, when the average weight is 8.5 according to baby center :) Grow girls, grow!! He was please with everything, so that made me happy! :)
Sleep: Is awful. I am constantly exhaused, but it is so hard for me to sleep. It's really hard to get comfortable and then shortly after I fall asleep, I have to wake up and go to the bathroom and then I can't fall back asleep. blah!
Weight: 10lbs, getting bigger!
Cutest things: My parent's bought Bryson a little baby doll for him to practice with. He is SOOO sweet with "Baby Bobby". He always makes sure he has his paci and is covered up with a blanket and loves to put him in th baby swing or bouncer. He is going to be such a great big brother!!  :)
19 weeks:
Doctor: I had a regular OB appoinment and everything looked great there, too. Blood pressure was 106/63, the girl's heart rates were 143 and 138. The nurse wasn't sure she was finding 2 seperate heart beats at first, so she kept trying to listen to other parts of my belly. I was only laying down for about 5 minutes, but actually started feeling like I was about to pass out again. It was such a weird feeling. I hate it! I also was told that I will most likely be told to stop working around 34 weeks (if all goes well and no preterm labor)
Fun things: We went to the Zellner's for lunch which is always fun! The boys stayed and carved a pumpkin while I went to another baby shower for a friend at church :)
I started clearing out the guest room/girl's nursery so I can finally start getting something done in there. I'm fairly certain that this nursery isn't going to be nearly as detailed or as cute as Bryson's was, just for the pure fact that I'm too exhausted to do too much. Sorry girls!
My mom came home from the store with some maternity yoga pants and a few shirts (which is what I'm wearing in the 19 wk picture) and I literally wear them every day when I get home from school. The pants are low rise and don't bother my belly and the shirts are so thin and light and comfy, it's perfect!! Poor michael only sees me in these clothes...and there's a really good chance you will too!! :)
Movement: The girls move around constantly! I feel one or both of them 24/7. Michael got to feel them a while back, which was fun :) I've also started seeing them move so I'm constantly looking down watching them :)
Yay for 20 weeks!! Halfway there!!! :)


  1. I love your orange top - your belly is precious! I know EXACTLY what you mean about "feeling weird" when you lay down. I didn't notice it with Asher at all, but from early on with this baby I could lay flat at all or I'd get super lightheaded. I can't imagine how magnified it would be with 2 in there - God bless you!

    So glad both girls are doing well!

  2. You look so adorable!! So glad that all is going well with the girls and your pregnancy, but sorry to hear about the lightheadedness - that is a terrible feeling!

  3. I cannot believe how big and absolutely beautiful your twin belly bump is:) You are glowing lady! I love that the two little ladies are doing so well. So sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I cannot believe that you are halfway closer to meeting the sweet girls:)