Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starting the stash

This morning, my mom and I went over to the Plano Area Moms of Multiples Sale. My friend Stacy told me about it a few weeks ago and I have been SO excited to go!! I'm actualy joining the organization as well, so it was fun to get to see some of the ladies.
They had SOO much stuff for amazing prices!! The most exciting thing (besides that everything was cheap!) was that there was almost always 2 of everything :) I was getting so giddy as my mom and I were swiping up clothes off the tables or taking multiple loads of goodies out to the car! My mom also got tons of great stuff for her house as well.
It was really fun looking for little ruffles and leggings :)
I LOVE snagging great deals, so this was right up my alley!
Here are some of the awesome things I got!! (I'm seriously so excited!!)
All of the clothes were $1 or $2. There are 2 of several outfits, I just stacked them on top of eachother
2 brown minky bumpers, $10 each!
life jackets, $5 each
a swanky pack n play (which is actually kinda nicer than the one we had for B) $30 --no picture yet
and the best thing...the double stroller i was looking for!! I was talking the lady for a long ime before I bought it and we realized we had quite a bit in common and she kept going down on the cost of stroller just while I was talking to her! Even better!!
The funniest thing was when I got home to show Michael and Bryson all the adorable clothes, Bryson took it upon himself to try on one of the girl's jackets! He thought it was so funny that he was wearing "baby clothes"
Then he even went as far as to try on the 6-9 month zipper jammies!! I was laughing so hard :)
Anyway, did I tell you that I was excited about all the awesome stuff yet? Well, I'm pretty darn excited!! ;)


  1. I bet you are having so much fun buying girly clothes!! Girl clothes are just so much more fun that boy clothes!! That is an amazing price for those minky bumpers. How are you doing the girls nursery?

  2. I'd be so excited too - those are great deals!! Shopping for girl clothes is the best. I'm thrilled to just be starting! :-)

  3. What great deals!! Love the red outfits with black and white leggings!

  4. OMG - the picture of Bryson in the girls' jacket is so adorable! He's going to be the best big brother! If you're ever in the Austin area in September or March, we do a great AMOM (Austin Moms of Multiples) sale as well!