Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trunk Or Treat

We had our first Halloween outing on Wednesday! Bryson was SOO excited about going. He is really into Halloween this year and likes "spooky halloween" things, so he thought it was funny that our church was doing a spooky halloween party (no matter how many times I told him it wasn't spooky!)
He was also thrilled to the core to dress up as Geo from Team Umizoomi!! He's been talking about it for weeks!! His outfit was a little thrown together, but he looked so darn cute. I giggled the whole time I was pulling up his belt!!
Our church changed up their Fall festival this year and did the ever popular Trunk or Treat. It was fun, but if I'm being honest, I miss our old fall festival, it was so much more interactive and fun! They did, however, make up for it with the amount of bounce houses/ inflatbles!!
Bryson was all excited about the idea of candy before we got there, but he could not have cared less about the candy as soon as he saw all the bounce houses! The belt and helmet came off immediately after the first obstacle course because he couldn't go fast. :)
He spent about 30 minutes on repeat doing this same obstable course! He just loves to climb!

He did like this fishing game and kept asking why there wasn't a lake for the fish :)
He worked up an appetite and we took a quick food break
Then went over to the petting zoo
And then back to the inflatables!! :)
They had a Baseball inflatable and of course, he loved it!! I'm sure he would have done it multiple times, but the line was soo long. Our little lefty has a pretty darn good swing!!
Our ABF had an interactive car and had a firefighter training camp, where the kids go through a tunnel in the van and then come out and get candy. It was adorable! They did such a great job with it!!
Bryson and Nate ran all around the parking lot after it was over. They're so cute together! Nate is a month older than Bryson and they have the best time together  :)
Can't wait for our next Halloween outing :)


  1. I'll have to look up who Geo is, because I have no idea who that is.....I guess I'm behind the times. Random, but when did you know Bryson was a lefty. I think P is going to be one too, but I think it might be a little too early to tell for sure. And next year you will have 3 little cuties to dress up!!

    1. My email button disappeared, hmm! Geo is on the semi new show Team Umizoomi. It's a math cartoon that Bryson loooves!! Most of the parents had no idea who he was, but the kids all got excited and knew he was Geo. It was funny :)

      B has favored his left hand pretty much since he was born. We would show him how to hold a crayon or spoon with his right hand, but he always switched back to left. He was favoring it well before 1, so maybe Pearson will be a lefty too! :)

  2. I loved his little Geo costume! Go Team Umizoomi! You guys always do such cute costumes with him. I'm so glad he had a blast at the Trunk or Treat. It was good getting to see ya'll there. Next year it will be fun planning for a family of five!