Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Resolution Check In

So, one month into the new year, most resolutions/goals for the year are dead and done for.

For the past several years, I've always  made my resolutions with someone else, so I have always had someone to keep me accountable. Well, I'm on my own this year, for the most part, so I figured that if I make myself do updates on here, I'll be more likely to stay on track. We'll see about that though!

Let's see how they're coming along:

** Lose the rest of my baby weight by April-- slowly but surely the pounds are coming off. I still have quite a way to go, so I better get my booty in gear (literally! ha!)

**Commit to doing P90X with Michael--Just got the "OK" from my doctor today, so we're starting on Monday!! I am really really excited about starting, but at the same time, I am really really really nervous about it! I'm pretty sure I'll be out of commission for a while trying to recover from the intense workouts. AH!

**Keep the kitchen counters clean-- eh, for the most part they're pretty clutter free. It's a different kind of clutter now. Diaper bag, car seat, baby clothes, burp know how it is. I suppose I should work on that...  :)

**Spend as musch time with the hubs and son as possible-- CHECK!!

So far, so good!! Lets hope February is just as good :)

Hope your resolutions are still going strong!!

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