Sunday, February 14, 2010

Are you sure this is TEXAS?

We got a record breaking snowfall of over 12 inches on Thursday and it was so beautiful!! Our backyard looked like Colorado. This was Bryson's THIRD snowfall in his short little life. :)

Our house under the banket of beautiful snow!

One of my favorite things ever are snow covered trees. It reminds me of the trees on the mountains :) These are the trees in our we just need a mountain to put them on!

Michael's family was one of the lucky ones that lost power during the blizzard and they lost it for four days! That is just crazy! Reecca came over to hang out and get out of the freezing house. Bryson and I were really excited to see her. Bryson couldn't stop staring at her; it was precious :)

Michael was off work on Monday for President's day so we all vegged out in bed for a while before starting the day. It was so wonderful to have Michael home with us! I loved it!! :) 
I love those boys more than anything in this world! :)


  1. Yeah, doesn't look too much like Dallas, Texas to me, either! How beautiful your pictures are! The picture of Bryson holding Michael's finger is so sweet...frame it!

  2. These are some of the cutest pictures of Michael and Bryson... I love the one with the hand on the head:) Like father like son... loving it!