Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Without my Camera

I'm not sure how I managed to not take any pictures at all this weekend. Weird. We had a fantastic weekend, just no pictures to go along with it :)

Michael and I went to a party for his SMU graduating class on Suaturday night and Bryson got to spend some time with more wonderful babysitters! He spent the evening being loved on by Mama Mel, Papa John, Aunt Reb and Uncle Ben!! I know he had a great time with them because he had been fussy all day, but he was perfect with them (according to them ayway!) We'll have to do it again so I can get a picture!
Michael and I went to The Quarter Bar in Uptown. We had fun getting out and hanging out with friends. (I stole some pics from Facebook :) )

These were the cutest cupcakes ever! I'm totally stealing this idea for Jen's graduation! They're cupcakes with a Reeses Peanutbutter Cup on top with a square of a Hershey's Bar turned upside down on top of that. Super cute!

Also, apparently, there was a Snuggie Pub Crawl going on that night. We went downstairs to leave and every single person was wearing a Snuggie!! It was hilarious! There were even more of them outside and all the way down the street. What a sight.

We went to my parent's house on Sunday for the big game. But, instead of watching the Super Bowl, my mom, Steph and I worked out a little and watched 27 Dresses. SO much better than football, if you ask me! :) Don't worry, Michael and my dad had a manly day of shooting guns at the gun range and yelling like maniacs during the game :)


  1. That is hilarious! I hope there are pictures some where of this:) YAY Snuggies!!! Even though I don't have one. Do you think they will ever make ones with feet? Like a onesie?!?! Could be awkward but maybe its an idea:) ha!

  2. Snuggie pub crawl. That is just hilarious.