Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dinner, A Movie and a Play Date

My parents offered to watch Bryson for a couple hours on Sunday so Michael and I could go out and see a movie, which is a very rare occurrence for us. We decided to go see Avatar in 3D IMAX. Normally, I am not a Sci-Fi movie person. At all. Aliens just ruin movies for me. But I really liked Avatar! We also got to wear some pretty snazzy glasses, so it made it even better :)

On Tuesday, we went to Saltgrass to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday and we decided to bring Bryson on his first outing to a restaurant. He had been so happy all day, so I had high hopes for the restaurant. My hopes were slashed pretty quickly when he started fussing and then went into and all out screaming fit. I was so stressed out and felt so bad for all the people around us. We ended up leaving before dessert because he wouldn't calm down. I'm pretty sure he was just extremely overstimulated with the lights, loud music, and being passed around from person to person. I have feeling we won't be frequenting any restaurants for a while...

Bryson had his first little play date yesterday! Amanda and Myles came over to hang out with us. It was fun getting to catch up and see Myles again! I remember seeing Myles when he was a little baby like Bryson  and now he's such a big boy. It made me realize that B is going to be that big soon. Tear. It will be so fun when they can actually interact with eachother when they're older!

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  1. yay for going to a movie and for seeing Avatar in 3D! Ray will be so jealous plus those are hilarious glasses! Awww that is too cute and I love the hand on the head/patting/petting. Those are both too absolutely cute boys!