Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lovin' on Bryson

I love Bryson. Michael loves Bryson. But, my sisters, they love Bryson!!

They have both spent pretty much every spare minute they could with this little boy. It is SO sweet to watch them with him. Bryson brings out a totally different side of them that I've never seen before and it warms my heart.

My mom and sisters have both come over to the house tons of times in the last 6 weeks to love on and hold Bryson. My mom cleaned our house, did laundry, and pretty much all the dirty work for us. Amazing. (I'm thinking about having another baby just so she'll keep cleaning the house.  HA--KIDDING!!) But it was so nice not having to worry about the house. Don't worry, she took lots of time to love on the little cuddle bug, too!

Jen and Steph kept me company and entertained Bryson :) They would hold him all day if they could! Michael even mentioned that they get more "Bryson holding time" than him. Ha! B is missing seeing them all the time now that they're both back in school. Thank goodness for the weekends :)

When we all get thogether, they "fight" over who gets to hold him. Bryson doesn't mind that one little bit; he loves being held by them :) He is going to be one spoiled boy for sure!

Thank you for loving me so much, Aunt Jenny & Aunt Stephy!!

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  1. Awww! This is too sweet:) Plus I love the picture of your mom:) They are so in love... and I couldn't blame them!