Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 1- God Made Water

While I'm at home with Bryson over the Summer, I decided to have themed weeks. I've been gathering ideas for the last few months and now attempting to put them into action. I've found scripture that goes along with each theme and we constantly talk about it.

Week One-
God Made Water. Genesis 1:9

We did something related to water everyday throughout the week. I constantly repeated the Bible verse when we saw water, whether it was dancing in the sprinklers, playing in the bath tub, drinking ice cold refreshing water, swimming, etc.

For the first couple days, when I asked Bryson who made water, he would look up, point to the sky and yell, "DOG!" haha. Close, baby, but not quite. After LOTS of practice, now he'll say "Gah" ;)

Here are some of our activities:

Spash Park

Bath Time

Me: "Bryson, where's the water?"
B: "I dun knooooooow!!"

Swimming in Mimi and Papa's Pool

Coloring a picture

I cherish my time with Bryson and seeing him learn about everything that God has made just makes my heart smile. I long for the day when he turly understands and knows the Lord. I can not wait!! But as for now, we will be doing our best to start his foundation!! :)

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  1. This is SUCH a great idea!! I'm really excited to see what scriptures the summer brings so I can copy your genius. ha! :-)