Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Weekend at the Lake

On Saturday, Michael's family came up to my parent's lake house, so we had all of our family together for the day. We had so much fun!!

We spent a lot of time sitting around talking, playing washers, and running after Bryson.

The ski boat was broken, so the boys all went out in the fishing boat for a little bit while Rebecca and I cooled off in the lake.
Bryson joined us after his quick spin in the "bo" (which he loved!). It was his first time swimming in the lake (which he loved!)

If you ever wanted to know what a little boy looks like with lipstick ketchup all over his lips, here you go!  ...or "cheese-ing" with food squishing out of his mouth! Eww, gross!!

We did a lot of relaxing and really, just had a great time being together!!

Bryson was loved on so so much! He ran around and played so hard on Saturday and then slept until 9:30 the next morning!! (that has NEVER happened before!!)

Like I've said before...we have the best families!! We love you!!

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