Sunday, June 5, 2011


Now that I have gotten in trouble by both sides of the family for not blogging in forever; I am finally sitting down to throw a quick post together.

Things have been so so crazy over here. I've been prepping for the end of the school year. You know, I LOVED those snow days back in January, but not so much anymore :) But, the end is near. Tomorrow at noon will officially start Summer for me!!

We are also trying to get everything together and organized and packed for Mexico in 3 days. Trying to pack Bryson for staying wih grandparents for a week is a LOONG task! This is such a hard thing for me do. I have been having little panic attacks for the last couple weeks just thinking about leaving him for so long :( I KNOW he will be in amazing hands with both sets of grandparents, but it's still hard for this momma.

So, let's try to recap what we've been up to in the last *ahem* 3 weeks or so...

Bryson's vocabulary has exploded in the last couple weeks. He's added at least 25 words and it is SOO exciting! He loves to read  his books and say the words. His little voice is so precious :)

We had our carpet pulled out and wood floors put down in the study and dining room and we LOVE it!! Bryson is so funny about them. He'll tak off his shoes, run in the room and stomp of the floors for a while and then come back to whatever he was doing. He definitely notices a difference.

Michael spent a weekend getting scuba certified for Mexico (YAY!!) so Bryson and I went to breakfast together and went to the mall play area before a million kids got there. He is such a monkey on those things, climbing all over the place. It's so fun to watch.

We went to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend. We always have so much fun together and now that Bryson is getting more active, it's even better! I can't wait til we can teach him how to ski in a few years :)

My parents made him a make-shift fishing pole to play with since he watches the boys fish all the time, ad oh my gosh, he got SO into it this time. I whipped out the camera after about the 4th time of "catching" aunt Jenny!! (Skip to 30 seconds in, the first part I was walking around. oops.)

Bryson LOVES his Daddy and tries to help him with everything. Michael was clearing the track to his closet and Bryson came and squatted down exactly like him saying "hel-pah" because he was there to lend a hand :)
Melts my heart!

Bryson is turning into such a big boy, it's unbelievable. I can't even imagine how much he is going to change and grow in the week that we're gone.

Also, speaking of BIG boy things. We have had his potty in his bathroom for several months and kinda talk about it every once in a while and I've sat him on it occasionally; basically just "here's a potty" type thing.
Well, coincidentally, a couple of those times he's sat on it and he's actually gone tee-tee! I praise him like crazy and we dance and get all excited.
Well, last week, we playing in his roo and he stood up and gave me his blankie and paci, walked out the door and stood next to the bathroom door and said "tee-tee" I jumped up and stripped him down as quickly as possible and sat him up on the potty. He sat for about a minute, made a few silly faces and than said he was "ahh duh" (all done). I picked him and realized POOPED in the potty! I squeeled and giggled so loud, Michael ran back thinking I was hurt!! Oh my gosh, I was beyond excited because it was all completely on his own!! We're definitely not starting to potty train right now, but we will definitely be sitting on the potty muuuch more!! :)

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  1. How exciting about the potty!

    Congrats on your summer having just started - have a fantastic trip to Mexico!!