Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Crack a Coconut in Cozumel

Step 1: Jump really high and pull down a coconut

Step 2: Take pictures because you're thrilled that you actually got one of those suckers down!

Step 3: Bang it on the corner of bricks and concrete over and over and over..

Step 4: Feel a little relief that all the banging might actually be working when you see the actual coconut

Step 5: Success!! Drink the fruits coconut milk of your the boys' hard labor

Step 6: Clean up the mess

It was really fun to watch the boys crack open the cocnut. In the 45+ minutes we were standing there watching them (even with my attempt to stand in the shade of a tiny pole) I got so burned!!

At least the boys can say they have cracked a cocnut with their own two hands!! :)


  1. Love. It.

    So fun!!!! Catching up on your last post, and it looks like y'all had a blast. We leave for Mexico in one week and I can't wait!!! By the way, you look like you never gave birth to a baby...

  2. Is Michael wet from sweat or coconut milk? Neither would surprise me. Sometimes I have flashbacks to that time in like 2005 or 6 or so when we went to Six Flags with both our families, and I first became thankful that he got those genes instead of me.

  3. Ha. I love this post and seriously worth the 45 minutes of manly moments and men cracking coconuts. Thank you because I am so reposting this:) ha! Love it and love you guys. Seriously we owe some pretty amazing memories to you guys!