Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Months!!

I am slowly coming to terms that I have a ...{gulp}... one year old!!  And, to top it off, my weekly "Your Baby- Week so-and-so" emails from switched over to "Your TODDLER- Week 1" on Tuesday. Am I ready for that word yet? No. Not so much...

This has been a huge month for Bryson. He learns something new every single day and absolutely amazes Michael and I with everything he does.

So, at ONE year old, he:

~eats only table food. He goes crazy over mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, pears, and froot loops

~He immitates every single thing we do. I have been sick lately and coughing a lot. I always cover my mouth with my arm (something I picked up at school) and now, everytime I cough, I kid you not, Bryson picks up his arm and fake coughs into his arm!!!
Also, Michael was dribbling a ball the other day and Bryson was watching intently. He grabed another ball and picked it up an stood up. dropped the ball. squatted, picked it up and stood up and dropped the ball again. He repeated this over and over. Michael and I had dropped jaws as we realized he was trying to dribble just like daddy!!!

~He's walking all over the place

~ babbles and "talks" like he's trying to save the world. He tries to repeat almost everything we say. I lovelove our conversations together!

~He LOVES his daddy. It melts my heart how hapy B gets when he sees Daddy and when they're playing together!

~ He loves to give kisses to everyone. Even Orion. Orion LOVES this! Whenever Bryson is proud of something he did, he walks straight over to me or Michael smiling from ear to ear and gives a big hug and kiss.

~He loves to be outside and to water the flowers. Ever since he was a baby, I have taken him outside to help water the flowers and this past month, he will walk over to the hose, stand up and put it in the pot all by himself. SO cute!!

~ He can sign "eat", "more", "milk" and sometimes "diaper"! Makes all of our lives SO much easier when he can tell us what he wants!!

~When we ask, he can point to his belly, head, and sometimes nose. If we say "Where's Bryson?!?" (and we're not playing peek-a-boo) he'll smile really big and pat his chest.

~ He loves playing with his toys and reading books. He gets so excited when he points things out in a book that we've read over and over.

~ He is almost always happy and smily, but he's starting to have little "tantrums" when we take things away or redirect him. He's pretty easily redirected, so they only last a few seconds, thank goodness!

~ He is so SO much fun to take places. People stop us quite often to see him. He's usually squeeling and talking at the top of his lungs trying to get everyone's attention, so he loves this!

~ We went to Preston Center for my Mom's birthday and got to see reindeer and Santa. He wasn't very excited about either. But MUCH less excited about Santa! haha

~He is just as silly and goofy as ever. Lately, he loves LOVES to put on our glasses.

~He loves crawling up into his chair at Mimi and Papa's house. I think he feels like such a big boy!

Bryson, We love you so SO much! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

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