Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cautious Thinker or Reckless Daredevil?

It's no secret that Bryson is a huge climber. He's been climbing up things since before he could actually crawl. He kind of has a "all forces go" type of mentality; he never thinks twice about what he's climbing.
I figured he'd carry over the same "no fear" approach when he started walking. Wrong. He is suuuper cautious about his little steps.

(See videos below for proof of these statements)
P.S. all of these videos were taken in about a 4 minute time span! haha :)



Neither walking or climbing, but it's just aborable how much he loves his jammies!!


  1. LOL! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw him climb into the dryer! You've got your hands full with that little guy. I love how he kept looking back at you and smiling as he hopped on in. Too funny! :o)

  2. HA! I, too, loved the dryer one! AWESOME! Such a mischievous little guy!