Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anxiety Attack

Ok, I think I need a brown paper bag. Everything is snowballing all at once and I'm close to having a breakdown.

The Snowballs:

~Bryson is getting older. Duh, of course I know this happes, but he's almost ONE! I can't believe he's not a baby anymore!!

~Bryson's birthday party is on Saturday. I'm super excited about it, but again, it's just affirming that my sweet little babe is almost a toddler. I've always been the person that thought huge extravagant 1st birthday parties were the silliest thing in the whole world. The kid's not even going to remember a single thing, right? Well, can you say change of heart?? We're still not going super over the top or anything, but I've become a nut about this party. Yes, I know he's still not going to remember a thing, but I still want him to feel special and loved...which is a lot of work!

~Bryson took his first steps about a month ago, but then took a hiatus from walking when he got the ear infections. Well, he's back at it again and going strong. He took THIRTY ONE (albiet baby) steps on Wednesday night. He's walking all over the house. Funy thing- he walks the most/furthest when he's walking towards the Elmer book or a stuffed monkey. :)

~I got a notification on the copmuter when I checked Bryson out of school on Wednesday that he's starting the transition to the big kid (12-18mo) room on MONDAY! What!? Nope. Sorry. No can do. He's not ready. I'm not ready!

Would you like to hear some of the things they do in the big kid room???
1. Eat only table food; no baby food. (yes, B eats bits here and there, but is never satisfied and still wants baby food. Guess we'll be working on that...)
2.Drink only from sippy cups; no bottles. (yes, he'll take a few sips here and there, but never a whole cup. Guess we'll be working on that...)
3.Take naps on a mat on the floor instead of the crib. (Um, have they ever met Bryson?? Yeah right! He will be "that boy" who is running around squeeling waking up all the other kids  during nap time. Guess we'll be working on that...)

Phew, that's a lot! One day at a time....One day at a time.....


  1. I CANNOT believe Bryson is turning one!! What a big boy. And, I'm like you....I cannot imagine Jude taking a nap on the floor, but I bet his teacher will be able to work her magic on him. haha. Good luck with all of the transitions! I'm sure all of you will do great!

  2. Ah, take that big deep breath and let it out slowly! Think of it this way..each new stage brings a whole plethora of new joys!
    You are doing a wonderful job as a mom!! So proud of you.

  3. Wow. Naps on the floor? They seem young for that yet!

    Take a deep breath, and enjoy his party mama!!

  4. I agree...a lot is happening all at once, And I'm really surprised by the whole nap on the floor thing. But he'll adjust and so will you!!!! Try not to worry and enjoy the party! Can't wait to see pics.