Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Time Last Year {part 2}

This time last year, I had been up all night an then was awoken again when my water broke at 3:15 AM. I got an epidural shortly after and discovered for myself the pure awesomeness that I always heard about. After a little concern with the heart monitors, I was ready to start pushing.

 I was completely beside myself. We hadn't even expecated to start the Pitocin to begin inducing until 8:00 and here I am about to start pushing! Michael somehow stopped time and called all of our family so they could crawl out of bed/make a u-turn from going to work to get to the hospital.

After pushing for 8 minutes, through 3 contractions, at 8:09 AM we held our perfectly precious blue-eyed, blond hair little boy. We smiled and cried and laughed and cried and were in just pure awe of the miracle we were given.

Our family piled in the room shortly after and Bryson was completely surrounded by people that love him more than anything.

Michael and I spent the next several hours...days...weeks...months...year... being madly in love with that little boy. We cried the first time he opened his eyes and looked at us. We smiled the first time cooed in our ear. We filled with pride the first time he rolled over. Tears filled our eyes the first time he got sick. We giggled the first time he tooted :) We beamed with joy the first time he called us by name. Our hearts are just so full of love for our little boy!.

Bryson, Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could ever express. You are our precious little miracle!

Happy Birthday, Bryson!!


  1. Beautiful post!!! I'm totally sobbing reading this, by the way. Also, we pretty much have the exact same labor story...right down to only having to push for 3 contractions.

  2. So beautiful!
    Enjoy a very merry Christmas with your little bundle of joy...ah, your big boy bundle of joy that is!

  3. Awww, I'm totally crying too. First birthdays are so emotional, even when they're someone else's baby's birthday! hahaha

    Happy Birthday, Bryson!!!! And congrats, mama, on a wonderful first year!

  4. Happy Birthday Bryson! Can't wait to see the Fant family next week :)