Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Time!!

Every year, I beg and beg...and beg some more... to be able to decorate for Christmas early. But, with no avail, it's the same answer, "after Thanksgiving." Well, with Bryson's party the weekend after Thanksgiving, I got Michael to cave and I got to decorate the day before Thanksgiving. YAAAY!

We have one smaller tree in the entry:

And then a bigger tree in the living room. Michael's parents decided to get a new, smaller tree this year so they handed down their amazing 9ft tree that fits oh so wonderfully in the corner of our living room!! :)

It was a little odd decorating the house this year. I think at least half of the decorations are still in the attic. We can't put anything on the coffee table, side tables, etc because Bryson would have them in about 50 pieces in 4 minutes flat. Same with the tree. The bottom foot of the tree has hardly any ornaments "just in case."

Both Michael and I always had a "family" tree growing up. When we made ornaments at school, we knew they had a place on the tree. When we made paper plate angels in Sunday School, the store bought ornaments would be pushed aside to display our masterpiece. That is exactly the type of tree we both wanted in our family room. We can't wait to hang Bryson's crafts front and center on our tree!! :)
You better believe we'll be making footprint reindeer this weekend!! :)

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