Friday, September 21, 2012

15 Weeks

I finaly started feeling a little better this week!! I even had a few Zofran-free days :) What a relief!
Wednesday, we went to the Perinatal Doctor. I woke up at  4AM; I was so so nervous.
I was, however, excited about the hour long sonogram!!
The nurse doing the sonogram was whipping the wand all over my belly telling us the different parts of the babies that she was measuring and monitoring. We had absolutely no clue what we were looking at half of the time!! It was so weird! Thankfully, she knew what she was doing:)
Then, halfway through, she casually asked if we were going to find of the sex of the babies. We said yes, of course, we have to plan nurseries, etc, for 2 babies. Then she went on showing us the different lobes of the brain, the kidneys, the femurs, etc. She measured the blood flow between the placenta and the ambilical cords. She told us that they were identical and that they were sharing a placenta. From all the research I had done, I knew that was one of the most high risk ways to carry twins :/
But then, out of no where, she said, "Well, you're having identical twin GIRLS!!"
We were totally shocked! We had NO CLUE we could find out the sex this early!! Neither of had previously really given a whole whole lot of thought as to the sex of the babies. We knew we would have identical twins because the only way we would get fraternal is if they run in the family of we were doing IVF, and neither of those were the case. But we both kinda had a slight feeling they were both going to be we were really thrown for a loop!!
When the doctor came in to go over everything, he informed us of several things:

 -I was really 15 weeks and 4 days along (i thought I was 15 weeks exactly) so my due date got  moved UP!! {YAY!}

-I'm at a super high risk for twin twin transfusion because they share a placenta. It's when one baby starts hogging all the blood and nutrients, leaving the other one at a deficit and  he needs me to come back ever 2 weeks to monitor it. {Super Scary}

-I have a cyst on one of my ovaries, but is "normal" according to him. {still scary}

-They're healthy, growing and doing great! {praise the Lord!}

-I need to gain weight. STAT. He was not a happy camper that I had only gained a few pounds (because I had been sick for the past 14 weeks). He repeated multiple time that I must gain 50+ pounds for the safety of the girls. {No problem. I gaind that with Bryson! haha. But still...I'm going to get f.a.t.!}

We left the doctor thrilled, yet scared. I had heard to "expect the worst" with the Specialist, so I was really thankful I already had an apointment scheduled with my regular OB the following day.
Right afterwards, I went to pick up B from school to take him to the doctor. The last time he went to the dr was at his 2 yr appointment, and I know for certain he didn't remember going, but for some crazy reason, he was SO SOO excited to go see Dr. Burton. I mean, giddy, laughing, and so excited to see him!! When the nurse called him back, he jumped up and ran through the door with her and never even looked back to see if I was coming with him!
It took a while for Dr. Burton to get to our room, so every 5 minutes or so, he would move up his chair closer to the door so "Dr. Burt would see {him} by the door and not leave"  :)
He finally got to our room and Bryson talked up a storm with him, sang him a couple songs, counted to 20 in Spanish and spelled him name multiple times all without being prompted. It was hilarious! He was kinda sad to see him leave. Now, he makes up things that hurt so we can go back to see him ;) At least he loves the Doctor...for now ;)
Thursday, I had my regular OB appointment and thankgoodness for him. He put all my fears from the day before at ease when he told me that twin twin transfusion, TTT, is very rare and it is nothing to worry about at all.
And also that the cyst will go away on it's own and not effect a single thing.
So anyway... we have 4 girl names to pick out!! :)


  1. Not sure how I missed this post, but I'm SOOO excited for you to be having identical twin girls - how super special! I can only imagine how worrisome it would be to hear so much info at an appointment - I'm praying for your peace of mind and for your girls to grow heathy and strong!

  2. Identical twin girls?! Man oh man! The boys in your sweet family are in for a treat - I'm sure that Bryson will be the best big brother ever to them! We will be praying for the girls' growth as well as yours and that the Lord keeps you all healthy. Glad to hear that your nausea is subsiding a little - drink lots of smoothies and eat tons of ice cream! :) HUGS!