Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1st Trimester

Holy smokes, this pregnancy has been SO SOO different than with Bryson. Besides the obvious...twins... pretty much every single thing that could happen has happened. And I mean everything!! From cramps, to morning sickness, to pure and total exhaustion, to round ligament pain(already..ugh), to food aversions, and *ahem* needing a little lot of extra fiber. Phew. It's been a long 3 months!

The goood news is yesterday marks 14 weeks for me and I am technically out of the 1st trimester!! I've been begging for the first trimester to be over, with some tiny hope that it will bring relief. I'm not totally there yet (Zofran is my best friend!) but I think I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray!!

As soon as I found out we were having twins, at 7 weeks, I started reading everything I could about them. The first thing I found out was that almost every single person said they started showing quite significantly by 8 or 9 weeks. That was just totally bizarre to me considering I didn't really start showing until 4ish months with Bryson. So, I think I'm the only person ever to start documenting weekly pictures at 7 weeks. Ha!!

I started skipping pictures because it was kind of at a stand sill and the pictures were boring. Ha! Wait...maybe I shouln't say that out loud.... ;)

7 weeks
sono and belly

10 weeks
11 weeks
sono and babies!
Michael couldn't make it to this appointment, so my mom came with me. It was just supposed to be a regular appointment to listen to the heart beats, but my doctor is fantastic and rolled in their old sono machine so we could see them again!! :) They haven't labeled them "Baby A, Baby B" yet, but the one on the left was laying horizonally and bouncing up and down and moving the entire time while the other one was chill and mello and just wiggled off and on :)
13 weeks
We made a last minute appointment to check a few things out on Monday (technically 14 weeks, but oh well) and we had another quick sono. The same exact thing happened with the babies! The one on the left was movin' and groovin' and the one on the right must have been asleep because there was a strong heart beat, but only a few wiggles. It's funny to see their personalities already :)
Also, I know it's early, but I'm quite certain that I have felt them kick a few times!! It's really exciting!! :)
Hello 2nd Trimester!!
The pure fact that I'm having twins has put me in the "high risk" category (another thing that scares me...those 2 words :/ )
I'll be seeing a high risk doctor along side my regular Ob. My first appoinment is on the 19th and apparently it's going to be an hour long indepth sonogram. I'm kinda excited and kinda scared about it. I've heard from a couple people that they'll tell you everything that you don't need to know that will scare you to death. I'm trying to prepare myself for it, but it's hard.
The upside to being "high risk" is that we'll have mare opportunities to see our little miracles as opposed to the 3 sonograms we had with Bryson. Ha! I've already had 3 sonos in the 1st trimester this time around!! :)
I'll start real weekly posts soon because I definitely have a little pouch now! :)


  1. Ummm...I'm pretty sure your 13 week twin belly is smaller than my not-pregnant-had-a-baby-18-months-ago belly :)
    Congratulations to you and Michael (and Bryson!)!!! Twins, wow!!! Love reading your blog updates!!

  2. Congrats on the twins! I was high risk with my pregnancy because of my Factor 5, so we got lots of sonograms. By 32 weeks I was getting one every week. It's fun to know they are healthy and thriving! Sorry you've been so sick!

  3. You look great for having 2 babies in that belly!! Hope all the sickness goes away with the 2nd trimester. Praying for you girl!!

  4. I am so excited for you!!!! Do twins run in your family? I was high risk with my last because of the placenta previa, and it was nice getting all those extra sonograms. I can't wait to follow along on your sweet growing family!

  5. You look fantastic! I only had 1 ultrasound with Asher, so the 3 I had with this baby were so exciting! Definitely focus on the positive and enjoy each peek at your precious babes!

  6. Ya know the best thing about having two, the truth that God is still God has not changed! Praying that you are able to enjoy all of the extra sonograms getting to learn their little ways and praising the Lord for their sweet lives. Congratulations, sweet friend! You are gonna ROCK THIS!

  7. First off, you look fab. I mean, seriously fabulous!

    Second, I know it's scary to be "high risk" (I was with Ava because I had fifth disease when I was first pregnant and they had to monitor her for anemia and the potential for a blood transfusion...), but most times women are in those categories to be safer, rather than sorry, and so the doctors are giving you the utmost of care "just in case", which is great to head off potential problems before they become real problems. And the extra views of the babies won't hurt ;)