Monday, October 26, 2009

Out with the old. In with the NEW!

Michael and I have been talking about getting a new "family" car for a few months now, and on Saturday, we bit the bullett and bought one! We knew exactly which car we wanted and have been looking at them pretty regularly. It was SO exciting looking and test driving the cars. We found the car that had all of our "must-haves" and more! What do ya think!?

I was so preoccupied with the excitement of the new car and signing papers that I hadn't really thought about the fact I had to get rid of my CR-V. I have loved loved LOVED that car so much.

We have so many memories in that car: going off to college, countless road trips, moving into our new house, and many more. We walked out of the dealership office to get all of the stuff out of the car to put into the Pilot and as soon as I saw my car, it hit me. It's not my car anymore. I just stared at my car sobbing in the parking lot. I'm sure if anyone saw me they thought I was a total dork! But Michael quickly reminded me that it is sad  to let go of something with so many memories, but told me to just think about all the amazing new memories that we're going to make in the Pilot. It will be the car that Bryson takes his first car ride home from the hospital in, the car that we take all of our family road trips in and so many other "firsts" for our new family. Michael knows exactly how to cheer me up--ALWAYS! That was exactly what I needed to hear!! We're truly moving on to a new chapter of our lives and I am so excited about it!

I can't wait to strap his car seat into the back seat!! I seriously thought about putting it in on Sunday (the day after we got the car) but decided I should proably wait a few more weeks :) heheh

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