Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clowning Around

We learned Tons of new skills at our cake class on Tuesday. One of them was how to make clowns! It was pretty exciting :) Maybe our child will ask for a clown on his birthday cake one day, and I'll say, "Hey, sure, no big deal Sweetie, I can handle that!" :)

I know you can't see the details on the cupcakes, but we also learned how to make teddy bears and people faces! We didn't exactly have all the right colors for them, so mine are all white. I guess that means I learned how to make Polar Bears and computer nerds :-)


  1. Too cute!! Was Michael freaked out with the clowns??

  2. Thanks!! He definitely wasn't a fan of them. He's eaten several of the cupcakes, but wont touch the clown ones :)