Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sky Is Falling!!

Our school is getting remodeled over the Summer, so before the school year was over, we had to pack up 10 rooms worth of curriculum, manipulatives, books, paper, and eeeeeverything else you need in the land of Kindergarten. We started purging old materials and packing in April, a good 2 months before school was out. It was a LOT of work. I stayed there late after school, went up for hours on end on the weekends, and was just flat out stressed and worn out. 

One Saturday after being up at work for 6 hours, I came home to take a shower and saw a little 6 inch faint water spot on the ceiling. Weird, It had never been there before, so I told Michael we needed to call someone...

Then, I went back in a couple hours later to get ready for a Cinco De Mayo party and the bathroom was flooded with water and there was a huuuge crack. AAAHHH!! 

Bryson repeated the same phrase over and over and over and over and.....    for at least a week and a half. 
"Ooooh noooo! it's raining in the bathroom. Ceilings broken. man come to fix it!! " He told anyone and everyone he saw. It was really adorable :) But then at the same time, it reminded me that it was raining in our bathroom :(

It turns out there was a clog in the one of the AC pipes and it was leaking like crazy in the attic. Michael called out AC guy and he walked him through everything to do up in the attic, but said there was nothing else we could do, so I cried a little, put a tarp on the floor to catch the mess and went ahead and went to the party. 

When we got home from the party around midnight, we were greeted with a big 'ol hole in the ceiling.
You can only imagine how many MORE times Bryson repeated his little phrase!

Michael's parents came over to help repair the hole the next weekend and to watch Bryson and I was gopher to and from Lowes to get last minute supplies. 

I'm so thankful to John's knowledge of home repairs :) Aand their willingness to come help, even on their anniversary!

Our bathroom is stiiiiill out of commission because it's all taped up and ready for Michael to finish popcorning the ceiling. Hopefully that will be finished soon!! 

But, thankfully, Bryson doesn't talk about the hole in the ceiling anymore ;)

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