Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day. I love being a Mommy, it the most joyous thing in the world!

Michael and Bryson gave me presents and cards before we went to church. I love my thoughtful boys SO SO much!

We went over to my parent's house after church for Mother's Day lunch and of course took some pictures :)

After lunch, my mom opened a few presents

Jen is a designer for Fossil and designed this adorable scarf that just got put out in stores and actually named it "Cindy", my mom's name, and gave it to her for Mother's Day. Um, how can you compete with that!?

3 years ago on Mother's Day, we shared the amazing news with my family that we were having a baby. Now, every year on Mother's Day, everyone asks if we have the same news. I always say the same thing. Neh, just a regular old card. Womp womp. 

I didn't have the exciting card.....MY SISTER DID!!!! She's pregnant!! AHHH!! I am SOOO excited for them!! Can you tell how happy we were!?????

The funniest thing: I actually kinda weirdly anticipated this announcement, so I secretly recorded my mom opening her scarf, thinking it was a reveal. Well, it wasn't so I quit recording. THEN, she gave the card that had the good news (which is why I had my phone in my hand in the picture!!) 

Bryson is reallly excited too! I often talk about the baby growing in Aunt Jenny's belly. He's ready for a friend to play with!!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, My Mother-In-Law and now to my sister!!!


  1. How wonderful and exciting!!!

  2. AWWWWWWWWW!! YAY! So happy for them! Please tell her I said congrats!