Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(not) Wordless Wednesday

On request for a wordless Wednesday, here are a few silly pictures from my phone. I promise to get real posts up as soon as school is over!! :)

Our school is getting totally remodeled over the Summer and they with all the big work trucks ok the grounds, this is all my kids do at recess :)

B actually stayed tucked in one nap...apparently he was too sleepy to get up and play after I left the room :)

I was cutting the boys' hair and Bryson was insistant on helping me cut daddy's hair. Michael is such a good sport :)

Bryson has a HUGE attachment to his Bible right now. He took it to church on Sunday and actually asked for me to take his picture (which he NEVER does!) but then every single time I took the picture, he stuck his finger up is nose! haha!! What a stinker!!
He wanted to take his Bible to school this week and is actually sleeping with it next to his bed right now. I LOVE it. It makes my heart smile so big :)

 Steph bought an awesome shirt for Bryson. It's a sock monkey on the front and then when you cross your arms, the picture on the elbows make the monkey face with the mouth open. SO cute :) She just hapened to buy one for herself, too. She chased him around the house "chomping" her elbows and he ran around singing the monkey song :

"5 little monkeys swinging from a tree.
Teasing mister Alligator, can't catch me!!
Along came Mr. alligator quite as can be and
SNAP that monkey right out of the tree!"

I thought it was so cute that his little brain came up with that song on his own  :)


  1. The picture of Bryson with the bible and his finger in his nose is hilarious! I so love he sleeps with his bible.

  2. Ha!! The bible pic is hilarious!! So do you cut Bryson's hair too? When did you start doing that? I cut Matt's hair but I"m a little afraid to do Pearson's. He is SO wiggly!!

    1. :) Yes, I cut both of their hair. Bryson got his first hair cut a little before his first birthday, but I took him to a kids salon several times so I could watch how they did it. I used to do it in the (dry) bathtub so I could just wash it out before his bath and he was always fine in there because he knew he was about to get a bath, which he LOVES! Now, I just set him on a stool in the kitchen and put on UmiZoomi or Diego or something and it's great :)

  3. That's so cute! Ava's been doing a lot of putting her finger in her nose lately, too. She's even been talking about eating her boogers. GROSS me out.