Friday, April 6, 2012

Catch up on the last, um, ....lots of weeks

I almost just want to deactivate this Blog until Summer break. Poor thing, it's so neglected. I have decent intentions on Bloging about things like New Years, St. Patty's Day, Our fun random weekend happenings, Bryson updates and all that jazz, but apparently it just never happens.
I actually hadn't even logged into Blogger in so long that I had forgotten my password! haha oops!

I finally plugged in my camera and my phone to the computer in who knows how long (besides Spring Break speciffic pictures), so this is going to be a massively long, picture heavy post. Maybe one day (this Summer) I'll go back and catch up on old events and pictures :)

Over the last few months, we have spent A LOT of time at the park playing on the playground, kicking balls, and riding his bike. He loves to wear his helmet and doesn't usually want to take it off when he plays on the playground after riding his bike. Michael and I joke that we look like the overprotective parents that make our kid wear a helmet whenever he plays outside! haha

Our church brought in Miss Patty Cake a few weeks ago and Bryson LOVED her!! He had only heard a few of her songs and lI ooked up a few videos on YouTube so he would be excited when we went. He jumped, danced and copied all of her body movemts the whole concert! It was so cute :)
My parents came along and Bryson would jump from person to person while singing "Jesus songs" :)  Mimi and Papa bought him a DVD while we were there and Bryson loves to watch it and sing along. It's cute

Helping Daddy do yard work and finding worms :)

Ray and Alicia came over for St. Patty's Day ad we made a green breakfast for dinner-green eggs and green pancakes.

Playing catch at Grandma and Papa's house before we made some delicious homemade pizzas!

We've been spending a TON of time in the back yard playing catch, rolling in the grass, riding his bike, digging in the dirt and most of all playing with chalk :)

I got Bryson these things called "Widgets" that I have in my classroom. My kids love them and fight over them daily so I thought I'd try them with B. He plays with them almost every day! He was stuck on just stacking them up like a pyramid for a while, but now he's getting really creative with them

Aunt Steph and Aunt Jenny building with our old toys my mom found in the attic

Anytime we go someplace with chopsticks, Bryson insists on using them...even if it takes him 3 hours to eat! haha

I bought a crazy amount of diapers and wipes because they were CRAZY cheap. (Like $33 abox!! I saved over $150 woohoo!!)  And just throwing this out there: I'm not pregnant...I just know(hope) I will need Newborn and Sz1 diapers sometime in the future, so I bought in advance ;)

Ray and Alicia moved into their new house!!!!
Hanging out in the living room after moving everything in.

Reading with Aunt Steph

Right as we were leaving school on Tuesday, the tornado sirens went off and our school went into Lock down for 2 hours. We gathered the kids (who, thankfully, and NO idea what was going on) into the bathroom and played "the turtle game" (duck and cover) for an hour and a half. It was MISERABLE. We tried singing songs, reading books, playing Simon Says, Copy Cat, etc, but After about 15 mintues, the kids were getting rowdy, the door was closed, so it was super hot and I was freaking out because I kept pulling up Facebook and seeing my friends post about all the tornados that were touching down WAY too close to us. All I wanted to do was go get Bryson. Michael's work was on Lockdown, too, so neither of us could leave. :(  I called B's school about a hundred times to make sure everything was ok and raced over there as soon as all my kids were picked up...2 hours after normal dismissal time. BLAH

Later that night, we went to Ray and Alicia's to give them their housewarming present. A grill! :)
B loved playing with their toys and spinning around and doing flips in their empty rooms.

Seesawing with Papa in their backyard

If you made it all the way to this point, you must be family that loves me for posting WAY too many pictures!


  1. I made it to the bottom of the post!! I love catching up with your sweet boy. Where did you get all those diapers!! That's a great deal on those big boxes!!

    1. You're so sweet :)
      Actually off Amazon Mom. My Prime shipping was about to expire and they emailed me a code for and extra 10%off and then I had an amazon groupon that was about to expire, so it was just all coincidental, but wonderful! Haha

  2. I made it to the end too. Love seeing your sweet boy. And you guys must being doing a great job because he is so sweet. (I read the Easter post too).

  3. I of course made it to the end! I love reading about all of your updates and life's fun adventures! I love watching B grow and all the super amazing things/new tricks he is up to. This past Tuesday was crazy with the storms and could not imagine the poor kiddos having to duck and cover for so long. And thank you guys again for the sweetest most AMAZING gift ever! You two are both amazing and we are just so thankful for your friendship! We can't wait to put it together and get to grilling. See you this weekend for our first cook out!