Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt at School

Last year, we practice hunting eggs around the house and in the backyeard several week before Easter, so Bryson would know what to do with all the egg hunts. This year, we practiced one or two times, but he remembered the drill really quickly and has been SO excited to find Easter eggs this year!

I left work a little early on Thursday so I could go to Bryson's Easter party and egg hunt at his school. I LOVE watching him with his friends. He is so sweet with them :)  His teachers always tell me how obedient and helpful he is at school and I got to see it in action. One of his teachers said,  "friends, come clean up my toys so we can go outside" and Bryson put his hands up to his mounth and said, "ok Miss Sylvia I clean up the toys. friends clean too!" I love his precious little heart :)

 Bryson and his BFF Brayden chowing down at the party

Getting his bunny basket


Bryson was SO excited about all the eggs he found!

A couple of the kids' moms couldn't make it, so I was helping them remember to go find eggs and showing them where to look. I told Bryson I was helping the other boys get eggs and Bryson went and found more eggs and put them in the other boy's basket and said "Bryson help too!"
I could not have been more proud of him! I love that little boy SO much!!

I took him to the park to ride his bike afterwards; he was in heaven ;) He's getting really good at trying to pull up his feet and just balance on 2 wheels when he goes down the hill.


  1. B is so sweet! Asher is going to start preschool in the fall - I hope to hear that he's a kind, helpful boy too! :-)

    Have a wonderful Easter!!

  2. What a fun little Easter egg hunt! I love that Bryson has such a sweet heart and is so excited about all the special activities and helping others. I am sure that melts your heart. Also what a cute basket they made. Anyway wishing you guys a wonderful EASTER!