Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Several couples in our ABF decided to go camping for a weekend up in Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma. Michael and I hadn't been camping in years and were really excited to take Bryson for the first time. 

I was really excited about...until the week before we left. Then I freaked out and thought of every awful possible scenario that could happen with Bryson there. No naps. Mr. Crankypants. Poison ivy. Fall in the lake. Jump in the fire pit. Be attacked by a bear. you get the picture. 

Fortunately, he did fantastic and LOVED it!! The no naps part was a reality for both days, but he really didn't have a problem with it. He got a little cranky here and there, but for the most part, just loved being outside and playing with Nate, who is only a month older than him. 

The weeks prior to going, we talked A LOT about what we were going to do while camping: sleep outside in a tent, play games, go to the lake, sleep in a sleep in a sleeping bag, etc. After a few hours of being there, Bryson said he liked "being outside at the Zoo". We all got a kick out of it because I knew he knew we were camping, and not at the Zoo. Well, about 30 minutes later, he was looking at the Bennet's dog and said, "look Mommy, there's a lion here!!" HAHA! no wonder he thought we were at the Zoo!! He had never seen a dog that big before! :)

We pitched our tents

The guys made breakfast. What a treat!

We played. A LOT

Went hiking and paddle boating

The boys ran around the campground while the parents played cards and hung out

They also insisted on playing washers. Constantly.

He was sad to say bye to Nate and Parker, but crashed about 20 minutes into the drive home. Poor kid was exhausted!

We're looking forward to going again. He still requests to lay in his sleeping bag while watching Umizoomi occasionally :) I love making memories like this as a family!


  1. how fun! I can't wait until we can do more family friendly activites with out ABF. Everybody is either pregnant or has little babies!!

  2. I am with Katy. I can't wait till our ABF can do fun family outings. Maybe next year...

  3. I am with Katy. I can't wait till our ABF can do fun family outings. Maybe next year...

  4. Looks like y'all had a blast and it's so fun getting to see how big the boys have all gotten! Nate and Parker look like little men as well. And how great that they all play so nicely!

    HUGS to you, sweet friend!