Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soaking up Bryson!!

Belize stories and pictures will be coming shortly!! I have to get some of the pictures from my mom and sister's camera to add to my massive pile so the posts will be complete. :)

But, today has been all about soaking in Bryson. I took the day off today so  I could spend time with him. I have hugged and kissed him no less than 236 times today. I missed him SO much!!

We played a lot at the park!

Then, we had a family fun night when Dady got home! There's a place in Frisco that has THE best little arcade for kids. It is SO much fun! We took Bryson a few months ago and then again tonight and he always has so much fun! Bowling and basketball are the biggest hits for that little man :)

We are both soo glad to be back with our little man!!


  1. I know you were so happy to be back with Bryson. I remember when we went to Mexico how anxious I was to see Presley. You came back to some great weather! Perfect for a day at the park. What's the name of the arcade in frisco? I need to take P there.

    1. It's Gattiland Eatertainment. It's kinda like CHuck-E-Cheese, because theres a big pizza buffet inside it, too. The games are soo much better than CEC though. P would love it!

  2. Wow - that arcade looks awesome. Like Chuck E Cheese but not gross :)

    So glad you are home safely, and can't wait to hear about your trip!

  3. Awww what a fun time with little man! I know he was so excited to see you guys and it looks like ya'll had a blast! I love all the fun activities they have for the young kiddos as well:)