Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Night- February

We had our February date night last night. We kinda used it as an early Valentine Date as well. :)

It couldn't have come at a better time, because Michael has been working craaazy hard for the past month or so and hasn't even been getting home until 10 or 11 at night...which is long after my bedtime, so I haven't seen him at all lately. Thank goodness for a night out where we could talk  and spend time together. :)

Ray and Alicia came over and watched Bryson for the night. Bryson LOVED playing with them!! They are the first non-family (even though they really are basically family to us!!) members to watch Bryson.

I borrowed a few of her pictures, but here is her blog if you want to see other adorable pictures of their night. :)  They are so good with him!

Bryson woke up this morning and saw Alicia'a Gatorade bottle on the sofa and picked it up and looked around and said, "A-yi-ya dink? Oh no where A-yi-ya go? Ray??" Don't worry, I assured him we'd see them very soon :)

Michael and I decided to keep it low key this month because we have some exciting dates planned for the next few months!! We went to Down town McKinney and had dinner at Sauce on the Square. Delicious. It was so nice to sit and linger with a glass of wine and just sit and talk and tell stories of our crazy lives. 

Afterwards, We walked around the square and window shopped a little and then went to Landon Winery and did a little wine tasting. They were amazing. My favorite of the night was only a mere $70 a bottle... chump change, right? ;) Ha

awwwful pictures, but we didn't want to be obvious with the totally cheesy pictures of us holding a glass of wine. blah

We ended our night with some gelato at Paciugo. Yummm!
I love Michael so much and I love our date nights!! I am already looking forward to March :)


  1. I love this post and love that ya'll had such a fun night away! You both are so deserving of this special time and LOVE that we were able to watch the little man. We really did have a blast and I of course could not stop taking pictures of this adorable cutie! We for sure are available for other nights as well. So glad ya'll had so much fun and thanks again for the sweet gift. Ya'll are absolutely adorable. Here's to many fun date nights and babysitting nights ahead. love you guys!

  2. What a fun date!! And I love your coat!!

  3. Ha ha - love the wine pics. :-)

    A date night sounds so fun!

  4. How wonderful!! Glad you guys got to enjoy some quality time together!