Saturday, February 4, 2012

Date Night- January

Michael gave me a little coupon book in my stocking for a date-night-a-month. I have really been looking forward to planning our date nights because we hardly EVER get out by ourselves!

We went back and forth about when we could actually go because our schedules are crazy crazy right now. But we figured it out and Steph so graciously came over to watch Bryson! Bryson had soo much fun with "Au Teff" and the next morning when he woke up, he was singing and talking in his room. Normally, he's calling for Mommy for a "new diafer" of to "come play" or to "eat beckfas" but not this time. He was in his room looking for Steph! "Au Teff, aaaaare youuuu???" SO precious!!

For dinner, we went to Jinbeh Hibachi Restaurant in Frisco. Hibachi has kind of turned into a favorite of ours- I can have tons of delicious sushi and Michael can have the sky high piles of food from the hibachi grill :) YUMM!!

Then we went ice skating!! Neither of us had been in about 10 years...I was soo nervous! Michael was talking about how he was a little shaky and nervous as well, so I figured we'd inch along the ice like an old married couple trying not to fall on our butts.

Well, his skates hit the ice and he zoomed off like he's a hockey pro while I, indeed did inch along the ice like an old woman! Haha! It took me about 10 minutes going around the ice to feel comfortable enough to actually "skate"! It was surely a sight to see!! Michael was so sweet and stayed and skated with me at the pace of a turtle round and round the ice :) At one point, he grabbed my hands and pulled me along soo fast! Scared me to death, I thought I was going to run into someone or fall flat on my bum! I told him it felt like he was pulling me around the ice like a wagon. :) Anyway, I finally felt a little more natural out there and we had a blast skating for quite a while.

It was such a fun night out with my husband and I loved that quality time with him!!

On the way home, we stopped to pick up some frozen yogurt and grabbed a bowl for Steph.
When we got home, we chatted a little and then as she was leaving she told Michael she would see him tomorrow (Saturday) which was a little odd, since we hadn't planned anything for that day. After MUCH convincing, we realized that the half marathon he and Steph were running, that we had thought was on Sunday, was actually on Saturday...the next 7:00 in the morning....that he hadn't gotten ready for....and it was really really late!! We felt awful that we stayed out so late and ket Steph up too late for her early race and that Michael hardly got any sleep either. AAAHHH!!

They both made it to the race, and Michael beat the time he was shooting for and Steph got 1st place in her age group!! So apparently it all worked out alright!!!

I can't wait for our next date night!!


  1. Ha!! That's funny that ya'll didn't know the race was the next day. We just went on our February date, but I totally forgot to take a picture. Ugh...I need to get my act together!!!

  2. Sounds like ya'll had fun! And, I can hardly blame you for thinking the race was Sunday as most distance events are on Sunday. Glad it worked out well. Our date for today included a trip to "The Dump" and Baskin Robbins - no matter what you end up doing, it sure is nice to have some time with just the two of you. :)

  3. What a fun date night! That was so nice of Stephanie to watch Bryson, especially before her big race. ha! And, that is hilarious that y'all didn't realize it was on Saturday. Man, Micahel and Stephanie must be awesome/fast runners! Way to go!

  4. What an awesome (and creative - I'd love to go ice skating!) date night! That sucks, though, that you thought the race was on Sunday and weren't able to prepare, but definitely sounds like it didn't hurt either of them a bit!

    Love your scarf, BTW!