Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random Littles

Life is Nuts. Nuts. So, you get the last couple, err several, weeks in a little ball of catch-up. :) iPhone style

He makes me laugh :)

Mommy and B at Razoos

Waffle on the sofa

Helping Mommy with her New Year's resolution- Mailing bithday cards  :)

Celebrated Jacob's 1st Birthday!!
(he really wanted to hold Jacob! ooh SOO adorable!!)

Mommy's shoes :)

Loving on Mimi while she watched him and let us go out to an early movie--the very first one we went to since Avatar. That's a long time, people!

Early morning gym dates. I have made the decision to make fitness a priority again. I tried going after school for a while, but I just cringed knowing I was missing precious "Bryson time" and I just can't sacrifice that. So, I've been sacrifing sleep instead and getting up at 4:20 to go. Thankfully, Ray and Alicia also have been going so it's not nearly as bad!!  (I realized that the only showers I have taken at home in the last 3 weeks are on Sundays. Crazy!!!)

New favorite thing-Bubble baths!! He'll stay in there until all the "bubbles go night night." :)

Mimi and Papa bought him a TON, I mean TON of clothes and he was dying to wear his new "yion jammies" the night before going to the zoo the next morning :)

And I have no idea where he picked up this little modeling pose! ;)


  1. That is AMAZING that you are getting up at 4:20 to go to the gym, then go to work, then take care of Bryson. I don't know how you do it.

  2. How adorable! Especially him holding the "baby"!

    Also? I am with the above commenter with how amazing you are! 4:20AM? I get up well after that and still can barely open my eyes! No more excuses from me :)