Saturday, January 21, 2012

Silly Pictures Saturday

Yes, this is "Friday Phone Dump" for procrastinators :) Haha

This is Bryson's look of choice right now: Boots and a diaper.
Sometimes he wants to wear gloves...or socks as gloves...or rummage through his drawer and put on big boy undies...He makes us laugh constantly!!

Playing at the mall :)

Driving with Daddy
(this was the WORST idea we ever had!! Now, anytime Michael drives, Bryson has a terrible meltdown because he wants to drive. "My drive Mommy car. No Daddy, MY drive!!"

 Speaking of meltdowns, Bryson was having one at my parents house one Sunday when he skipped his nap, so Mimi gave him some Cool Whip to "paint" with on his tray.

 This hideous thing caused a tantrum at Walmart a few weeks ago.
(do we see a trend here? Yes, we are full force with tantrums now!)
He wanted to "yit in Dora" SO badly.

 LOVES bubble baths!!!

 This is an un-babyproofed cabinet for him to play in. He loves to cook in his own oven while I'm making dinner.
(Speaking of babyproof cabinets- Bryson has learned to open the latches, so none of our cabinets are safe anymore. Anyone know the next step to keeping him out!??)

 Enjoying a little popcorn and juice picnic outside in our beautiful 70 degree weather in January!


  1. He is getting so big! What a beautiful lil guy you have!

  2. I love the diaper and cowboy pictures. My Mom has a bunch of my little brother like that. He went through the same phase. My favorite was of him in his crib asleep with a diaper and boots on!!

    I got your comment on my last post, but I couldn't respond because you didn't have an e-mail linked......not sure if you tried to change it or not though, so I thought I would let you know just in case you thought you changed it!!

  3. He is such a huge personality and I LOVE IT! I love that he is so independent and loves to be just like daddy. I can't believe how big his little personality is and I do totally love the diaper/underwear and boots pictures. 2 will be such a great year!!!

  4. I die over the pic with cowboy boots/hat and underwear!!!! I especially love the one from behind, hehe! So stinkin precious!

  5. Awesome pictures! Those first ones are hilarious! One night I took Jack out of his car seat and let him sit in the driver's seat while I got our stuff together. After that he cried that he wanted to drive. But it only lasted a couple of days. I hope the same is true for you!