Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catch up/ 20 Months!

Man oh man, it sure has been a while since I have seen this lovely Blogger page. :/  Our life has been non-stop crazy. Seeing as how my "school night" bed time is in about 30 minutes, I'm going to try to do this fast!

Since I last updated, over 3 weeks ago (eek!) ....

I started teaching again and have been working crazy (13!) hours to keep everything running smoothly in the classroom. We have a REALLY hard group of kindergarteners this year. That, and the increase in class size is a sure fire way for me to be bald by Christmas time!

Bryson started back up at school. It was a rough first week, but now loves playing with his friends all day :)

Bryson transitioned to a toddler bed almost 4 weeks ago and never missed a beat! He did better than I could ever imagine. Never had a problem with naps, either. Big boy.
B still spells his name all.the.time.   I love it :)  He's also getting pretty good at learning colors. He's been forward facing in the car since the beginning of Summer (I couldn't even possibly bear to have him in the 120 degree car without air blowing on him) so he can see out all the windows, which he LOVES. We talk about the animals, cars, etc. He also tells us what color the stop light is: "gee...go!" or "no....bop!" complete with hand motions :)

Michael and Steph ran "The Hottest Half" half marathon in the middle of August. It definitely lived up to it's name. Michael's family and Bryson and I went out to watch them cross the finish line and we were steating like crazy just standing there!!

He has started to enjoy coloring more and more and likes for us to color with him. Most of his scribbles are him "writing his name" while orally spelling his name

He is becoming border line obsessed with his trains. He wants to play them all the time. He even sleeps with them occasionally. ;)

He gets excited to clasp his hands and "pay" before meals and at night time. I love it! Then, he is quick to chime in with "a-me" to close out the prayer

We went to a Wii party with our ABF and B got to play with a friend a few weeks older than him and we got to hang out and laugh at our awesome dancing skills. :) And by "our" awesome dancing skills, I mean everyone else's...I didn't play ;) There were lots of kids and Bryson especially loved seeing the babies. Oh how he loves babies.  :)
Bryson went to big church for the first time out of a baby carrier. He usually goes to toddler room, but he did really good! he danced through all the songs and played on his magnadoodle during the sermon. At one point, our worship leader put down his guitar and raised his hands while he was singing, and Bryson followed suit. I know he doesn't really know that he was paising Jesus when he did it, but it made my heart smile just thinking about it :)
He is a tall skinny boy. We just now put away his 9 month shorts. Seriously!? 12 month shorts are still a little big, but he's working on filling them out. Poor kid, I have no idea what's going to happen when he needs to wear long pants...12 months will be man-pris and 24 months will be enormous!! hah!

He dresses and undresses himself often. This particular day, he took off his jammie pants and put on his swimsuit and swim hat and found his "po pol". I kid you not, he did this completely on his own!!

We went to the Safari park with Alicia right before school started and he was really into putt putt this time. He is his father's son.

He has cut 3 of his 2-year molars and I think the 4th will be poking through shortly.

I really can't believe how even tempered he still is. He has such a joyful spirit. His smile and laughter brightens up the whole house. He has his occasional fits, but they are very short lived, thank goodness! We love him so so much!

I can't believe he is going to be 2 years old in a few short months. I love this stage more than ever and I love how interactive he is!!

Happy 20 months, sweet boy!


  1. Almost 2 years!! Where does time go?! Looks like y'all are having a blast with him. Think about you and your classroom often. Hang in there!!

  2. Happy 20 months, big boy!!! I'm so impressed with him spelling his name! So smart. You have to tell me how you transitioned from crib to big boy bed. I can't keep Presley in her crib any longer. It's getting dangerous.