Friday, September 23, 2011

"Happy bur day, dada"

Happy Birthday to the BEST husband and daddy ever!! We are both so SO blessed!

We celebrated his and Melony's birthday last weekend with a delicious dinner and yummy cookie cake and homemade ice cream

We celebrated with my family last weekend with yummy dinner and a chocolate sheet cake that Michael finished making by himself! It was soo good!

Our little family celebrated on his actual brtday and went to a Hibachi Grill on Wednesday. We've taken Bryson before, but it was before he really knew what was going on. He was pretty apprehensive for a while, and really didn't like the big bursts of fire, but would yell, "yay!! more!!" through out  the dinner. He's so much fun ;)

Bryson picked out his own card for Michael, the balloon, AND the present. Totally serious!!

He picked: a birthday card with a cartoon-y bear, an Elmo balloon and this awesome fishing game!!  I knew I wanted Bryson to give Michael something they could do/play together, so I went to the game aisle and as soon as Bryson spotted this game, he went nuts. "Momma, {fish face and pointing} pease?? Pease??" I kept telling him that we were giving the game to Daddy, but he obviously didn't really understand that because when I tried to wrap it, he was so sad the fish were going bye bye for a while.

But then Daddy opened his presents and he helped him rip open the box so they could play together...for the next 3 hours ;)

B telling Daddy Happy Birthday 
(He was grumpy because he was waiting on his chickfila nuggets to cool off ;))

Our family hug
(which, sadly, Bryson wasn't as enthusiastic as usual)

Happy Birthday, Hubby!!
We love you!!

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  1. Happy birthday Michael! I love everything about this post - cookie cake, a fishing game, and Chick-Fil-A nuggets! :-) It's so sweet that B picked out birthday treats for his Daddy. How can you say no when they start to beg? Too cute!