Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh, Pinterest. I love/hate you.

I found Pinterest over the Summer, and I can not get enough of it!! It's so exciting to see thousands of fun crafty ideas all in one spot!!

During the Summer, I spent many of Bryson's naptimes on the site pinning ideas to do and getting really excited about them. And once I get an idea in my head I can't get it out. It consumes me!!

A lot of the things I have made went into my classroom and I don't have pictures of them, but a few of them were for the house. Pretty much everything was made over the Summer when  I actually had a little bit of extra time, and every single thing was next to nothing to make...which makes it even better!!

{Click on the link to see the site with the full tutorial}

Bryson's Busy Board
This one took a little while to do because I was working in the garage during the heat of Summer. I didn't want Bryson around the powertools, so I only had a short time span during his nap. Michael helped after he got home from work some days, too. But, it was totally worth it. Bryson LOVES playing with it!!

Monogrammed Pumpkin  {no picture yet ;)}

Fall Hurricane

Poster Board Christmas Trees
My mom and sisters all spent a Sunday afternoon making trees for Christmas time. The boys thought we were nuts making things for Christmas when it was only the beginning of September! haha

Chocolate bowls
Pain.in.the.butt.  Well, it was my fault for not knowing exactly what chocolate to get, but after FOUR times of trying to make these, I FINALLY got it right on Michael's birthday! It was fun little treat filled with ice cream!!

(funny story: during attempt #1, I was dipping the balloon in the chocolate and it popped and splattered chocolate everywhere!! Counters, floor, wall, and al over my shirt. Bryson ran over and saw the mess on my shirt and said, "momma, poopie. yuh (yuck)" hahah!! That's definitely what it looked like ;) )

Cake Stands
This took a lot of measuring and remeasuring, but it was really fun and cheap to make!! I have materials to make more sitting in the garage...can't wait!

Framed Mirrors
I seriously can't wait to go but the molding for these mirrors!! AAAH!! Every time I look at them, I love them more!

Pinterest, thanks for being my addiction. :)
I love you. I hate you.


  1. WOW! You've done some amazing stuff. I love that busy board - definitely need to look into making something like that for Asher. Can't wait to see the pumpkin and mirror!

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  3. I love everything! I'm a huge pintrest fan too!

  4. Umm, can I have that busy board? Please?! LOL Jack would absolutely LOVE it and I am terrible at that kind of stuff. I'm super impressed that you made it on your own and with power tools!