Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth!!

We just got back from the circus. Like, 30 minutes ago. And I couldn't wait to plug in my camera and look at all the pictures again. It's so unlike me to blog this quickly, but it was just that good! Bryson sat and watched the entire 2 hour show, it was just that good! It was so so much fun!!

Grandma and Papa found incredible seats and we were up close in all the action. We were a little apprehensive about Bryson liking it after being terrified of the animals at The Rainforest Cafe, but he really loved it!!

He had a little bit of nervous energy (and chewed on his whole fist of fingers) when the show first started and the elephant came out, but that wore off really quick.
He sat with incredible concentration and enjoyment with his mouth dropped down to the floor through most of the show.

He got really excited every few minutes and would point, squeel very loudly, clap and yell, "yay yay ya!!" It was adorable!!

The whole show was incredibly captivating. There was some craaazy "circus people" that preformed:

Some really amazing animals

And some not-so-scared-of-heights trapeze swingers and tight rope walkers.
Bryson was hilarious when they were up there (or when people would climb up too high). He got very serious and continually told them to get "dow" while pointing to the ground.  {Haha- can you tell he's heard us tell him to get down from things a time or two!?}

Grandma an Papa also bought Bryson his first bag of cotton candy which also came with a super cool tall hat. B wasn't crazy about the cotton candy, but the hat was very fun :)

We dropped Grandma and Papa off at their house, and in the 8 minutes we were there, Bryson managed get naked and play in the sprinklers. :)

We had SUCH a fun day!! Thank you Grandma and Papa for an unforgetable trip to the circus!!

This picture pretty much sums up our whole day ;)


  1. Ah, this makes me want to go to the circus!
    So glad that you all had such a great time.

  2. I just love your pictures! It looks like ya'll had the most amazing time! Bryson looks like he had a blast. That is so much fun!

  3. LOVE the circus! Those acrobats are insane! The last photo of Bryson is so sweetly perfect!

  4. SO FUN!!! This makes me want to go to the circus so bad. I love all the acrobatic acts. They are amazing!!

  5. I would LOVE to take Asher to the circus! I could see him being completely mesmerized with the animals, just like Bryson.

    Love that adorable last photo of B - too cute!!

  6. How fun!!! What a great family day. We went to the circus on Mother's Day, but it was much smaller (Cole Bros.). As soon as Jack saw the tigers though, he kept signing cat!