Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dressing Himself

Bryson is SO into dressing himself these days. He's still working on how to put on a shirt (it usually just ends up like a hat sitting on his head) but he is ALL about putting on his shorts, swimsuits, swimdiapers, socks, and shoes.

There's no telling what or how many of something he'll have on. The other day, he had 3 socks on one foot and zero on the other and another day, he put on 3 swim diapers all on top of eachother.

Today, it's 2 pairs of shorts and one of them is on backwards :)

He is such a goose!! ;)


  1. That is too funny!! He is adorable, Kristin.

  2. I absolutely love your cute independent boy:) He's got such an amazing and big personality. SUCH A CUTIE:)

  3. That is hilarious!! I've read that a major step in being ready for potty training is when the child can pull down (and up) their pants on their own. Looks like Bryson has this one down! ;)