Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 2- God Made Fish to Live in The Water

God Made Fish to Live in The Water- Gen. 1:20

This week, we learned about the fish and animals God made to live in the water.
We read the creation story again.

We went and fed the ducks, which he LOVED! The kid has no fear. He ran and threw bread at them while quacking and may or may not have almost ran straight into the water. haha!

He finger painted a duck with Daddy

We went fishing around the house

I tried to make "Duck in a Pond" for breakfast one morning. My Grandma always made it for us when we spent the night at her house and I thought it would go great with the week's theme, so I decided to try it. It didn't really work out too well for me ;) I think it look more like "Duck got run over by a truck!"
(It's supposed to be a sunny side up egg cooked inside of a toasted piece of bread with a hole cut out)

We read Make Way for Ducklings

We ate a "fish pond" for dessert
(vanilla pudding with blue food coloring and Swedish Fish on top)

I've really enjoyed these weekly themes and all the fun we're having with Bryson!!


  1. So cute!! I especially like the fish pond dessert. :-) Great ideas!

  2. These are seriously the cutest themes and it so looks like Bryson and mommy are having just too much fun! Cannot wait to read next week's theme with all the pictures:)

  3. Such cute ideas!! I can't wait to do things like this with Pearson!!