Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 3&4- Noah and the Rainbow

We doubled up for this theme, so we got to spend 2 weeks with Noah, animals, and the rainbow/colors. It was so much fun!!

Our scripture for the week was Genesis 9:16 "God always keeps his promises."

We read the story of Noah every morning.
{Mimi even read it to him one day. What a treat! Bryson called Noah "no no" the whole first week-- complete with the finger shake. :) }

We made animal cookies.
{He LOVED wearing his apron and rolling the dough. He asks to wear the "ah pie" whn he sees it hanging in the pantry. I will definitely be pulling out some playdoh soon. :)}

We mixed colors using coolwhip
{My friend Jenny did this with her son last year and I loved her idea! I think Bryson liked rubbing it all over himself more than mixing or eating it. Such a boy :) We also used some of it for icing for the cookies. }


We drew a rainbow and an arc with chalk

We played in the "rain" and stayed dry with an umbrella
{I think it's rained like 4 days total since Bryson has been born (that may be an exaggeration. or it may not. I don't really remember!) but he got to learn what an umbrella was and why you use it. It's always neat to see him learn something new}

We ate lots of Animal Crackers

Went to a Safari Park

And ended our week(s) with dinner at the Rainforest Cafe

This is pretty much a whole post of it's own. Man oh man, Michael and I laughed a lot!! The restaurant has robotic life-like animals all over the walls and every 10 minutes they "come to life". Bryson never cried, but was scared out of his poor little mind the first 6 times they came on. He litterally climbed up me and held on for dear life with a look of complete terror. Michael and I probably looked like crazy people because we were dancing and making silly noises while the animals were "alive" so Bryson would think it was ok and not be scared anymore. He kept vigorously telling them "all done" and "nigh nigh" to make them stop. He never really enjoyed the live animals, but towards the end, he actually started to do monkey and elephant motions along with us. He did, however, love the fish tanks all over the restaurant. Nice, calm, noise-less, motion-less fish enclosed in the glass walls. :) We will definitely be going back...but maybe next year or so! Ha! :) 
(sadly, my camera battery died about 10 minutes into eating, so we were stuck with phone pictures. SO sad)


  1. I've loved reading about your theme weeks. Great idea - will probably have to steal it at some point. :)

  2. Kristin! This was such a great idea! Looks like you, Bryson and even Michael are enjoying the activities!