Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guys Night In

A while back a friend told me about a really fun place she went with a few friends. I looked it up online and decided immediately we needed to get a group together to go. :)

You know the books "So-and-so For Dummies"? Well this is like a painting class for dummies. An artist takes you baby-step by baby-step through the entire painting, all the while you are laughing at your own painting and oooh-ing and aww-ing over the person's next to you and drinking a glass of wine :)

Jen, Steph, Alicia, Cara and I went and had a blast!! Michael stayed home with B, hence the title. :)

We started with a stark white canvas. It was pretty intimidating. I'm not an artist. At ALL. (I told Michael we would probably have to end up hanging it up in the attic or the closet because it would be so awful. haha!) It actually turned out pretty well, so maybe it can go up in a high traffic area of the house. ;)


Cara and I made a quick run next door to Tom Thumb to grab a few desserts so we had cookies and M&Ms to snack on during the second half. MMmmm, yep, I ate way too many cookies.

We all painted the same painting, but it's funy how unique they are. Before we started, the artist/teacher said you'll be able to see your own personality come though the painting when it's finished. Thankfully, no one could hear me chuckle to myself, because in the end, it really is true! :)

I had so so much fun with everyone and laughed so hard the entire class. :)
If you're looking for a fun girl's night out, I would definitely recommend this place!!!


  1. I just googled this website and they have one in Houston. I just sent an e-mail to some friends to see if we can copy you and put a party together. I'll let you know!
    Love your pictures!

  2. I also googled this as soon as I read your post - it looks like so much fun! And they all turned out so great! I'm not artistic at all, but if you say I can do it, maybe I can! And wine? The night won't be a total wash even if I mess up if I can drink some wine!