Thursday, February 24, 2011

14 Months

I skipped Bryson's 13 month post on accident and since he is practically a brand new kid since I updated at  12 months, I figured I'd give you a little "blog glimpse" of what life is like in the Fant house. And, let me tell you, we are having SO much fun and moving a warp speed around here!!

(I have to warn you that I don't know where my cord is, so there aren't many pictures this time :( What good is a post without pictures, right? I'll upload them as soon as I can!)

He is SO much fun! Michael and I are always laughing at him and things that he's learning how to do. I wish we could just have a video camera on him 24/7.   :)  He's learning so so much every day. I don't even know if a blog post could do this sweet boy justice!!! Let's see:

~He had earned the nickname "Goose" in the last few months. I found myself saying, "You are such a silly goose!!" and finally just shortened it to "goose"
~ B can do the hand motions to the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes", and "This Little Light of Mine"

~ Signs: more, diaper, eat, milk, drink, all done

~ Can point to his belly, eyes, nose (usually,  his finger goes straight up his nose!), ears, tongue, head, toes, mouth

~He kows what sounds a cow, sheep, snake, lion, tiger, bear, elephant, monkey, and pirate-thank you, grandma!- make

~Makes a fish face-LOVE when he tries this!!! He puckers up and immediately goes in for a kiss when I say "fish face!"

~Loves to be outside and play at the park. He just learned what the "big boy slide" is, and is obsessed

~ If we ask where a toy is, or where Daddy is, or what happened....basically, if we ask him a question, he turns his hands out like "where is it? I dunno!!" and opens his mouth really big. :) This is one of my favorite things right now ;)
~Waves hi, bye, and blows kisses to every one he sees

~He's really getting into things lately and trying to test limits a little bit. When he knows he's about to do something wrong, he walks around shaking his finger saying "nuh nuh", but then does it anyway. The other day he went into the back hall for a minute and came back a minute later shaking his finger and saying "nuh nuh". I asked him what happened and he walked me back to our bath room and he had completely unrolled the entire toilet paper roll!! haha It was adorable!!

~ He's only saying a few words, but theyuhre the cutest little words in the world!! He tries to repeat almost everything we say, but I can really only decifer a little bit.
night night (I'm sleepy and want to go to sleep)- ni-ni
daddy- da da
mommy- ma mama
dog- dah
door- doh
all done- ah duh
no no- nuh nuh
uh oh- uh uhh
ball- bah
bottle- baba

~He loves reading books. He'll go get a book from the shelf and run to sit in my lap and read  flip through 2 pages and runs to get another book

~ He loves LOVES playing basketball. I mean, LOVES basketball!! It's the first thing we do when we get home from school and the last thing before bedtime. He has the biggest, brightest smile on his face the entire time he is holding a the ball. And, if we see a basketball goal while we are out (on a walk, at the store) he goes nuts and points and squeels and huffs and and waits until he can at least just get close to it for a little while. It's really adorable :)

~He's running all over the place, and occasionally gets going way too fast and runs straight into a wall or chair

~B LOVES to do summersaults. He stands up, bends over and puts his head on the ground and we roll him over. He lays on his back and laughs and signs "more" and we do it over ad over and over....

~He is still climbing on ev.ery.thing.!!! In fact, he just got in trouble at school for climbing on the chairs and standing on the table :/

I know I always say this,  but I love this fun stage with him. He's really understanding and learning so much an he just laughs all the time.  I really can't wait until Spring break when we can spend all day every day playing and learning!

Happy 14 months, sweet boy!!

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  1. Adorable!! I love this stage too and need to write a post about the things Jack is doing. I love that Bryson goes around saying "nuh nuh", knowing he's not supposed to do something but then does it anyway!

    Happy 14 months!!